Declare Your Candidacy: Oregon Democrats Need You

MultDems Leadership

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ll focus my energies in the coming year, maybe you are, too. The questions I’m asking include: What engagement and education do we need to ensure the success of the new Portland City Charter? How will climate action and health access be rolled out in our communities and at…

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Betsy Johnson, Guns and TEDx

by Julio Castilleja Betsy Johnson is likely to be an Independent candidate for Oregon governor this November. Over the weekend, she made a surprise appearance in front of the crowd at TEDx in Portland, and, when pressed on gun reform by the audience, said that “the style of the gun doesn’t dictate the legality.” She said this…

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2nd Call for Comms Officer Candidates

Jas in nature

And a call-out of appreciation to our incredible Comms Team! It has been an honor serving as MultDem’s Communications Officer this past year. With my son in his last year at home and my mom fighting cancer, I am stepping away to tend to my family. As this is my final week in this role, I wanted…

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Candidates Sought for Comms Officer

MultDems is looking for a new Comms Officer starting in February. If interested, please email I announced recently that I would be stepping down as Comms Officer at the end of January. Even as I write this, I am preparing to bring my mom home from the hospital tomorrow. With my family struggling with multiple…

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Gretchen Hollands Elected MultDems Treasurer

This is an image of Multnomah County Democrats Treasurer Candidate Gretchen Hollands

Gretchen Hollands was elected the MultDems Treasurer at our December Central Committee meeting. Candidate for Treasurer Special Election December 9, 2021 Multnomah County Democrats Central Committee Meeting Gretchen Hollands Gretchen Hollands was elected the MultDems Treasurer at our December Central Committee meeting. Read her candidate bio below to learn more about her.  Thank you for…

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August Digest: Our Big Tent

A remarkable thing about the Democratic Party, both at the national level and here in Multnomah County, is how welcoming it is. Like this year’s Celsi Celebration, everyone is welcome under the Big Tent.

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July Digest: Climate Change

The focus for this issue is climate change. As a society, we’ve too often looked at climate change as a problem for the future. There is little doubt that the future has arrived. This is not our kid’s problem to solve. It’s our problem, and it impacts not only our health but the very systems we rely on to survive. The recent heat wave killed over 100 people in the northwest, and scientists are now studying with alarm the humidity and temperature at which humans simply die because they can no longer cool themselves. Heat waves, hurricanes, wildfires, drought, pestilence, crop failures, pandemics… welcome to what many scientists warn is becoming the “new normal.” 

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June Digest

June is time to remember our hard-fought freedoms and rights, from emancipation from slavery in June, 1865, the expansion of voting rights to women across the US in June, 1920, to the Stonewall riots in June, 1969. Today, we celebrate Pride every June, and Juneteenth was just made a state holiday. Of course, we still have to stand up for our rights and freedoms, and remember that we are not free until all people are free, that our rights are not secure unless everyone’s rights are secure. We still take a stand for what matters, as we did this past year, because Black Lives Matter, and queer lives matter, and believing women matters. We’ll touch on a few of these topics in this issue, and spotlight change-makers who have been at the forefront of our ongoing fight to secure and expand human rights and civil rights.

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May Digest

May is a month of many celebrations… from international labor to Asian and Pacific Islander heritage. For MultDems, we’re preparing for our biggest celebration of the year, Celsi, while also redoubling our effort to get good bills passed — starting with campaign finance reform which will help open the door to passing many other bills we care about. The contrast between the major parties is increasingly stark, as Democrats seek to rebuild America while Republicans double down on their election lies and defend the interests of the ultra-wealthy over the needs of the American people. Locally, while Democrats are working to end the influence of KKK-Era laws, we see Republicans partnering with Proud Boys as they become increasingly intolerant. We’ll touch on all this and more in this issue of the Digest.

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