We Support Portland Teachers

A statement of support:

The Multnomah County Democrats support the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) in their decision to authorize a strike. PAT members have been working at Portland Public Schools without a contract since June. Their requests for lower class size limits, higher compensation, school building conditions and other measures are reasonable and will benefit students.

I support Portland teachers button

Here are ways that Democrats can show support for Portland’s teachers:

1. Visit the general RCP Strike support link.

2. Visit the PAT Petition link

3. Post signs showing your support (at your home and in your cars!) Ask local businesses if they’ll post them too. You can make your own, or you can print and use these graphics:

This business supports Portland students and educators
I heart Portland educators
Portland students deserve…

4. Donate to the solidarity fund to help support us during the strike
Your donations will go to strike support including supplies, food, water, logistics, and community support. Any funds remaining will be donated back to community resiliency funds and local mutual aid networks.

5. Show solidarity on social media. A set of graphics are available in this folder.
You can also change your social media profile picture to show your support with this graphic.
Like, comment, tag and share official PAT posts on your personal socials, and use the hashtags #PATsolidarity #greatpublicschoolsforall.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pdxteachers
Instagram: @pdxteachers
Twitter (X): @pdxteachers
TikTok: @pdxteachers

6. Send emails of support to PPS School Board Members:

7. Provide support to striking teachers. Sign up to provide supplies, water and snacks HERE and/or send financial support to PAT via GoFundMe.  Donations will go to strike support including supplies, food, water and logistics.