Be a Neighborhood Leader


Does it seem as if the political climate is ripping apart the fabric of society? Would you like to help stitch our communities back together?

Neighborhood Leaders are community builders. Every Neighborhood Leader relies on genuine, face-to-face interactions to build relationships that empower our neighbors and focus political power on the people. We are part of a revolution in community-centered, neighborhood-oriented political change!

The most trusted source of political information is someone you know.

You can be that someone. Our goal as Neighborhood Leaders is to educate and mobilize our neighbors to speak their voices through their votes and activism. Become a Neighborhood Leader and join the revolution for people-based politics!

Neighborhood Leaders work to . . .

  • Expand political empowerment of ourselves and our neighbors,
  • Focus political power in the hands of our communities,
  • Develop relationships between the people and their elected representatives, and
  • Elevate the political conversation through affirming, constructive conversations that respect our neighbors while building cohesion around shared values.

When we examine our political reality, it's easy to get frustrated and feel powerless.

RIGHT NOW, the Multnomah County Democrats Neighborhood Leader Program provides an opportunity to reclaim the power of the people, and you can help us share that power with your own neighbors like never before! Become a trusted messenger and encourage your neighbors to greater involvement in the political process.

  • Visit 35 households, about 4 times per year, right outside your door
  • Build neighborhood connections
  • Empower communities
  • Increase voter turnout

Let's work together, build community, and elect candidates who respond to the people they represent!

Volunteer in your own community

Fill out the form below and a county coordinator will get back to you quickly, so we can get on the ground to direct focus back in communities where it rightly belongs.