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We are happy to promote volunteer options for Democrats and for activities that align with our platform. Submit here and we will review before adding.

Volunteer opportunities for Democrats

Now is the time to volunteer. We update our listings as often as we can so check back frequently.
Signup LinkTitleTypeDateDescriptionSponsor
SignupNeighborhood LeaderGrassroots Organizing, CanvassOngoingEncourage GOTV in your neighborhood. Be part of the most effective force in politics -- simply by reaching out to your neighbors and asking them to VOTE!Multnomah Democrats
SignupCD 5 - Volunteer with Janelle BynumVolunteer Sign UpOngoingAdd your name and Join our campaign!

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Janelle Bynum for Congress
Email usMaintain volunteer listingsOutreach and data entryOngoingWe need a volunteer to post these very listings on the website. If you are tech savvy and and want to connect people with a way to make a difference, send an email to and tell us about yourself.Multnomah Democrats
Learn moreDigital Community OrganizerGrassroots organizing, GOTVJuly 1 - Nov 5Learn the basics of local politics. Craft messages and visuals that will resonate with voters. A 70 hour total commitment to help Democrats get elected up and down the ballot. Portland State University students may be able to get academic credit.Multnomah Democrats

The Multnomah County Democratic Party is, from top to bottom, a 100% volunteer-driven organization. From the people who answer the phones to the brave individuals who spend their Octobers getting out the vote to the awesome and extremely handsome people who write for the website, we simply couldn’t function without people who believe in a kinder, healthier and more prosperous future.

There are many different ways to get involved. Fill out a volunteer form to share some of your interests and choose some ideas. You can also read about our standing committees. Much of our work gets done in committee, and the current chairs can help you get connected with work and meetings that suit you.


Most volunteers like to know what they are getting into. Here are some of the common questions that we receive from people deciding how to participate.


Have more questions? Get in touch with our volunteer cheerleader.