Declare Your Candidacy: Oregon Democrats Need You

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ll focus my energies in the coming year, maybe you are, too. The questions I’m asking include:

What engagement and education do we need to ensure the success of the new Portland City Charter?
How will climate action and health access be rolled out in our communities and at our legislature?
Are we really making enough progress at housing everyone?
Who will we elect to do the important work on every one of our local school boards this May?

MultDems Leadership

Every Democrat in the state and county has a stake in these issues and what happens next, and every Democrat can be involved in the process of change.

Every two years the Democrats of Multnomah County and the state of Oregon elect new leaders. This year’s elections will be held on January 21. Declarations of candidacy and nominations close this Friday, January 6, at 5 pm PT.

This party runs on people power. We need any and all Democrats to sign up.

We make real change when each of us is doing our part to support our strong Multnomah County Democratic Party. It’s also how we continue our powerful progressive movement. With our Organization election, now is the time for you to step up for a new leadership role, as a State Party delegate, a Congressional Committee member or a Multnomah County Dems Party Officer.  We need your vision, your energy and your commitment.

The deadline to Declare your Candidacy is Jan 6.
Please click here NOW:

At the Multnomah County Democrats level, officer positions up for a vote this year are as follows:

1. Chair
2. 1st Vice Chair
3. 2nd Vice Chair
4. Treasurer
5. Recording Secretary
6. Communications Officer
7. Technology Officer

To learn more about each of these positions and how they are elected every two years, consult the Multnomah County Democrats Bylaws.

Any citizen of Multnomah County registered to vote as a Democrat is eligible to hold any officer position of the Central Committee.

Yes You Can!
Remember: The deadline to Declare your Candidacy is Jan 6.

Rules and Bylaws Changes
Some of the guidelines for the MultDems have changed recently. The following Rules and Bylaws changes are posted ahead of the MultDems January 12 Central Committee meeting. The Rules committee put these changes forward to help to clarify our procedures for the January 21 Organization Meeting. In addition, 10 PCPs have a bylaws amendment to allow for electronic balloting.

** Standing Rule 2

** Standing Rule 7

** Bylaws Article XI Section 7.A

The MultDems Rules Chair, Mike Smith, is always available for questions at

To learn more, please visit our elections page at or send us a message at

Vote Blue