Central Committee September 10, 2020 Zoom Meeting for PCPs RSVP for Details

September 2020 Central Committee Meeting Thursday 10 September

The Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County meets

Thursday, September 10, 2020


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Without the endorsement process we went through in August, this will be a very different meeting!

The meeting convenes at 6:30 and is called to order at 7.

The meeting is open to members of the Central Committee (PCP’s)

You must RSVP for the CC meeting above.

Our schedule is as follows:

6:30 PM Registration and Sign In to be credentialed. There will be no break out rooms.

7:00 PM Business Meeting

Meet Our Democratic Candidates

Please read and be prepared to vote on the question:

Shall the Democratic Party of Multnomah County endorse this Contract with Black America

PCP Appointments. Meet the candidates for appointment to fill PCP vacancies. The CC votes to accept or reject these candidates.

9:00 PM Scheduled end of Business Meeting

The CC working agenda

Precinct Committee Persons are The Central Committee

Our action determines elections. We need to not just affect the critical national elections but work for candidates who can overcome the anti-democratic Republican Walkouts here in Oregon. Local and national: there is volunteer action that suits you. We can help connect you. Visit to find out.

There remain vacant PCP positions across the county. Invite Democrats to join us! Apply to fill vacant positions here.

Regular monthly donations to the Party support all the things we do to work locally for our communities.

Oh wait, did you say you wanted lawn signs?

Our own Lisa Dorn has designed our Oregons for Biden Harris lawn signs. Order now to get in on the first batch arriving September 12! Biden Harris Bumper stickers and MultDems shirts, too!

Thank you for everything you do.


Lurelle Robbins, Chair

The Democratic Party of Multnomah County

The Democratic Party of Multnomah County strives to be welcoming and accessible to all. If you or someone you know require ADA or any other accommodations to attend one of our events please contact us to tell us how to make your attendance possible. 

Racial Inclusivity Work Group Open House Monday July 13

This Monday: Interested in the Racial Inclusivity Work Group?

Democrats who identify as People of Color are invited to an overview 5 – 5:30 PM on Monday, July 13th. After a screen break, you can join us for the first part of our 6 PM  monthly meeting!

Multnomah County Democrats have a Work Group (special committee) known as Racial Inclusivity Work Group. You are invited to learn more, meet active members, and decide if you’d like to join us!

Monday July 13 5pm

Zoom Video Call (link)


Email the co-chairs at .

Reparations Resolution FAQ Resolution 2020-13 The Debt: an Argument for Reparation What is the purpose of a reparations program? Why is the ADOS (American Descendants of Slaves) distinction necessary? How will effectiveness be measured? How do we calculate the cost of reparations?

Reparations Resolution FAQ

On Thursday, June 9, 2020, the precinct committee persons (PCPs) of Multnomah Democrats will vote on Resolution 2020-13 The Debt: the Case for Reparations. The resolution’s primary author, Quinton Blanton, provided this FAQ for PCPs to read in advance of the vote.

What is the purpose of a reparations program?

In the book From Here to Equality, Dr. Sandy Darity and A. Kirsten Mullen advance a general definition of reparations as a program of acknowledgement, redress, and closure.

Is it illegal to allocate funds specifically to ADOS?

No. There’s no intrinsic illegality to group specific or race specific policies. Japanese American reparations, for example, were group specific.

How will we be able to tell who is eligible for reparations vs. who is not?

Two criterion can be advanced for eligibility. First, an individual must establish that they have at least one ancestor who was enslaved in the US. Second, an individual must demonstrate that they have self-identified as Black, Negro, or African American on an official document-perhaps making the self-report of their race on the US Census—for at least 12 years before the enactment of programs tied to the funds. This criteria was created by Duke University economist William “Sandy” Darity.

Why is the ADOS distinction necessary?

            ADOS is a necessary distinction because if reparations do in fact gain traction nationally, people who are opposed to reparations could make the argument that Black immigration to the U.S. has increased significantly since the 1980’s, they were never enslaved in the U.S. so why should they be paid reparations? From a legal standpoint, a reparations claim against the federal government must be specific and requires inclusion and exclusion.

How will the effectiveness of a reparations program be measured?

According to Dr. Darity, the goal of a reparations program for ADOS should be to close the racial wealth gap in its entirety. Therefore, it is essential that the mean gap be erased, rather than setting a far less ambitious goal such as closing the ADOS-white median differential. Establishing a monitoring system to evaluate whether the ADOS-white wealth gap disparity is closing will be desirable.

How to calculate the cost of reparations?

There are a variety of strategies for calculating the size of social debt that is owed. Professor Thomas Craemer has calculated the cost of reparations through a stolen labor framework. In today’s dollars, he arrives at an estimate of $14 trillion for the cost of American slavery to the enslaved. The central argument of Dr. Darity and A. Kirsten Mullen, which I tend to agree with is that the elimination of the ADOS-white wealth gap should provide the foundation for the magnitude of the debt owed.

Where will the money for reparations come from

 As journalist Matthew Yglesias has proposed, Congress could direct the Federal Reserve to fund ADOS reparations either in part or in total. Given the overnight transfer of $1 trillion of funds from the Federal Reserve to investment banks during the Great Recession and monthly outlays of $45 to $55 billion to conduct “quantitative easing,” there can be no doubt that the Fed has vast capacity to provide the funds required for a properly designed and financed reparations program, particularly if the funds are disbursed over the course of three to five years. The Fed certainly could manage an annual outlay of $1 to $1.5 trillion without any difficulty—and this funding mechanism would not have to affect tax rates for any American. Moreover, the Federal Reserve is a public bank charged with conducting a public responsibility.

Why should I have to pay reparations? My ancestors didn’t own any slaves.

The culpable party is the U.S. government. Often, the federal government further sanctioned racial atrocities by silence and inaction. ADOS reparations are not a matter of personal or individual institutional guilt; ADOS reparations are a matter of national responsibility. Furthermore, The poverty created by slavery and Jim Crow are still in the system, just like the wealth created by slavery and Jim Crow are still in the system.

White ethnics such as the Irish and Italians came here and were discriminated against by the U.S. government, yet they still rose in spite of their handicaps why didn’t ADOS do the same?

It is important to note that in some respects, the Irish were treated worse than Blacks for the most part when they first arrived in the U.S. However, they were eventually absorbed into whiteness due to their willingness to inflict violence against ADOS and by expressing anti-ADOS sentiments. The Democratic Party and early labor unions also eased the assimilation of the Irish into whiteness. Whitness is a social construct that is dynamic. It expands and changes based on its need. I suggest everyone read Noel Ignatiev’s How the Irish Became White.

White people have never received “handouts” from the government, why should Black people get governmental “handouts”?

Framing reparations as a handout or a one time check rather than a debt is a conservative, right wing talking point that is untrue. A program of reparations is much more than a check. It must include multi-pronged policies and laws, protections, therapy, and training to fill the void of knowledge gaps. Also, white America has in fact recieved numerous handouts from the federal government including 160-acre land grants through the Homstead Act, access to New Deal and Fair Deal programs, the G.I. bill and much more. While white America received these handouts ADOS were denied access to them and were never given their 40-acres, which is partly why the ADOS-white wealth disparity is so vast, entrenched, and unshakeable. The wealth ADOS managed to accumulate in the nineteenth and  twentitieth centuries was far too often plundered via white mob violence, lynching, redlining, and credit discrimination.

PCPs of each House District elect their District Leader and Assistant District Leader

2020 District Re-org meetings are coming up

June 23, 2020

In the coming weeks, the newly elected PCPs of Multnomah County will gather (via video conference) to elect new district leaders and assistant district leaders.

Thank you all who are coming forward to make a difference in our communities. District Leadership is a wonderful way to increase that impact, working with your PCPs to connect with your legislators and the Democrats in your district.

Learn more from District Leader Superstars Lisa Morrison and Marcia Schneider.

Find your district here

Questions about elections overall? Contact Vice Chair 2 Michael Smith.

Upcoming District Reorgs

If there is no date below, the current district leadership has not yet scheduled the event.

Expect meetings to last about 2 hours.

HD 27 & 36 Combined


July 25 10am (Completed)

HD 31 & 33 Combined

July 18 at 12pm (Completed)


HD 35 & 38 Combined

July 12 at 2pm (Completed)

Contact John Murphy

HD 41

July 14 at 7pm (Completed)


HD 42

July 19 at 1pm (Completed)


HD 43

July 26 at 12pm


HD 44

June 28 at 3pm (Completed)


HD 45

July 18 at 2pm (Completed)


HD 46

July 11 at 10am (Completed)


HD 47

July 16 at 6pm (Completed)


HD 48 & 51 combined

July 11 at 1pm (Completed)


HD 49

July 15 at 6:30pm (Completed)


HD 50

July 7 at 4pm (Completed)


HD 52

June 25 at 7pm (Completed)


Online MultDems Central Committee Meeting Thursday, 11 June 2020

You have to register in advance to attend.

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RSVP HERE for details (Current PCPs only).

The meeting will be open to members of the Central Committee (PCP’s)

Our schedule is as follows:

6:30 PM Registration and Sign In to be credentialed

7:00 PM Business Meeting begins

9:00 PM Scheduled end of Business Meeting


Resolution 2020-7 Emergency Money for People Act

Resolution 2020-8 Safety in Oregon Prisons during Pandemic

Am I a PCP yet/still?

The term of office for all current PCP’s expires on June 12th, 2020. New PCPs will be starting their term on the same day.

Minutes of Previous Meetings:

You have to register to join the meeting! Only valid PCPs can be credentialed

Register Here

House District Primary 2020 Forums on YouTube Live!

Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) in Multnomah County are organizing forums to get to know the candidates in their house and senate districts. Watch them live or recorded on YouTube!

House District 50

House District 46

House District 42

House District 36

Thursday, April 23rd, MultDems hosted their first online candidate forum. Candidates for House District 36 Lisa Reynolds, Rob Fullmer, and Laurie Wimmer answered questions from HD36 Democratic voters on PERS, climate legislations, and COVID-19 response. This is the only side by side opportunity known of to compare these candidates.

Does your Senate or House District need a candidate forum?

What about another race?

Reach out and we will help you set up that forum!

Three diverse people on a roof holding an American flag. "Be a Primary Voter"

Activists Needed to Help Non-Affiliated Voters “Be A Primary Voter”

Thousands of newly registered voters won’t have the option to choose the Democratic Presidential candidate in the May primary election — unless you let them know. 

The 2015 motor voter law that registers voters when they get a new driver license means Oregon has added nearly a million new voters. This is great news, except most of them have not chosen a party. These Non-Affiliated Voters (NAV) won’t have party races on their ballot this May if they don’t choose by April 28, 2020. 

Of course, the Multnomah County Democrats want these new voters to choose the party with candidates who share values for human-need causes like healthcare, climate, civil rights and economic justice. We also know, once someone participates in a primary election, they are more likely to vote in the general elections. 

Our goal is to increase civic engagement by encouraging citizens to exercise their RIGHT to vote for the candidate who they think could best support the issues important to them. 

That’s why we’re reaching out to community organizers and activists like you. The Multnomah County Democrats have created a voter registration program called “Be A Primary Voter.” Check out the easy action kits to help you to reach out to non-affiliated voters with voter lists; scripts, flyers and instructions. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide what kind of event you want to have. Choose from hosting a postcard party, a walk party canvass event or a call-and-text party. You could even combine them.
  2. Learn how to use MiniVAN here or attend an action party at Multnomah Democrats HQ and download your list of voters to contact.
  3. Once you have your action kit and your contact list, you are ready to host your event. Your volunteers will contact non-affiliated voters who are likely Democratic voters to let them know only registered Democrats get to choose who will be our Presidential nominee. And show them how to update their registration.

We know you’re working hard to beat Trump in 2020. Volunteering to register NAVs will make a huge difference in voter participation. That effects critical issues like our Secretary of State election, post-census redistricting, and ballot measures. Oregonians deserve to have a choice and Be A Primary Voter. Can we count on you to organize a group of activists? Learn more or go here to sign up.

Tell Oregon Ways and Means that you support the fight against climate change.

Oregon Ways and Means Committee 2020

On Monday February 24, the Ways and Means committee will hear SB1530, the landmark climate bill for Oregon that will develop clean energy jobs. Send them an email.

Climate change is an emergency. SB1530 (HB4167) is a good start. The cap reduces dangerous pollution. Big polluters will pay their share. The investment in Oregon will go to local communities, benefitting rural Oregon and others hardest hit by climate change.

Position Name and link to OLIS info   District / Community Email link
Co-Chair Senator Betsy Johnson D SD16 Scappose
Co-Chair Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward D SD17 NWPDX/Bvtn
Co-Chair Representative Dan Rayfield D HD16 Corvallis  
Co-Vice Chair Senator Fred Girod R SD9 Stayton
Co-Vice Chair Representative David Gomberg D SD10 Central Coast
Co-Vice Chair Representative Greg Smith R HD57 Umatilla Morrow
Member Senator Lee Beyer D SD6 Springfield
Member Senator Denyc Boles R SD10  Salem
Member Senator Lew Frederick D SD22 Portland
Member Senator Bill Hansell R SD29 Athena
Member Senator Dallas Heard R SD1 Roseburg
Member Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson D SD25 Gresham
Member Senator Arnie Roblan D SD5 Coos Bay
Member Senator Chuck Thomsen R SD26 Hood River
Member Senator Rob Wagner D SD19 Lake Oswego
Member House Republican Leader Christine Drazan R HD 39 Canby
Member Representative Paul Holvey D HD08 Eugene
Member Representative Susan McLain D HD29 Hillsboro
Member Representative Rob Nosse D HD42 Portland  
Member Representative Carla Piluso D HD50 Gresham
Member Representative Duane Stark R HD4 Grants Pass
MultDems Debate Watch Party February 19 at MultDems HQ

Join us February 19 for a Critical Democratic Presidential Debate

Debate Season Continues!

Candidates continue to qualify for the upcoming Democratic Presidential Debate. It is getting down to brass tacks, and you can join a lively group of Democrats to watch the action.


Co-sponsored by the MultDems Climate Action Team

These folks make things happen.

Multnomah County Democrats Community Action Committee has been holding full house watch parties, co-sponsored with other committees and Democratic groups. It is a vibrant place to witness history in the making.

There will be pizza and soft drinks. Feel free to bring your favorite debate-watching snacks to share.

Click here to RSVP

Multnomah County Democrats office, 3551 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland 97232 [Map]

Doors at 5pm

See you there!

Facebook event

For public transportation options to/from the event location, visit The Multnomah County Democrats office is wheelchair accessible. If you have any access or functional needs that you feel may prevent you from joining us at this event or that, if they can be addressed, might make the event more accessible [and therefore more enjoyable] for you, please email .

Approximately 150 people watching the Portland Mayoral Forum January 2020

View video of Portland Mayoral Debate

Multnomah Democrats, in co-sponsorship with BerniePDX and East County Rising, hosted a forum for Portland Mayoral candidates January 21, 2020. Around 150 attended.

Video from the Facebook Livestream is available for those who missed the event. It has that live, Facebook feel to it.

Candidates Cash Carter, Ozzie Gonzalez, Sarah Iannarone, and Teressa Raiford participated. The incumbent, Ted Wheeler, was unable to attend as he was in Washington DC for the United States Conference of Mayors.

Read MultDem Austen Lethbridge-Scarl’s take on the event.