Free Webinar: Intentional Space Making

Intentional space making

This webinar helps us understand how to facilitate an engaging and inclusive space. Whether it be a precinct meeting, panel discussion or CC meeting, this training will help you create a more equitable way for participation and give you ideas focused on retention and incorporating feedback.

The RSVP includes a brief questionnaire. In an effort to center equity and aspire to our values, we ask the registration questions to track who sees our materials, what demographics we may not be reaching, and be able to analyze where areas of improvement may be.

Salome Chimuku

Salomé brings a diverse background to the Multnomah County Democrats. Her family is from Angola, and they were refugees in Zambia for nearly two decades before moving to the United States. She’s the youngest of six kids. She studied Political Science at Willamette University and worked her way through college. Her first job at 18 was working in the Secretary of State’s office under now-Governor Kate Brown. She was 19 years old when she took on a summer project with PolitiCorps, an intensive training program to groom future leaders for careers in public service. She was the youngest person ever to go through the program! She took a job with the Senate Majority Office and became known as a universal staffer – when someone went on sabbatical, vacation, got sick or was just overwhelmed, she’d step in.

Salomé was the Public Policy and Advocacy Director for Unite Oregon and the Urban League and was a lobbyist for many grassroots organizations that didn’t have a full-time lobbyist on staff. Salomé worked on Equity policy issues for almost five years. She’s also a co-founder of the Black Resilience Fund – an emergency fund for Black Portlanders who need help paying their bills or finding services. Having worked pretty much every job in politics possible, Salomé is well-versed in organizing people, managing budgets and providing other invaluable skills to promote Inclusion/Equity efforts. She is a Senior Community Engagement Manager for Espousal Strategies LLC, a Black-owned Equity firm based in Portland, OR. She is also the Chair of the Multnomah County Democrats.

You can often find Salomé in the company of her mighty service animal, Hercules! She’s also a huge comic book nerd and enjoys playing the accordion in her downtime.

To contact her directly, email