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The Central Committee meeting of the Democratic Party of Multnomah is this Thursday

November 14, 2019

Bring donations for the Holiday Party silent auction!

Hollywood Senior Center

1820 NE 40th Avenue, Portland 97212


We have an interesting agenda forming, with special guests and important topics!


6:00 PM Doors open.

6:30 PM Registration and Sign In

7:00 PM Business Meeting begins

9:00 PM Scheduled end of Business Meeting

First Notice: New Harrassment and Bullying rule

As notice in advance of an expected vote at the December meeting, please review the new rule here.

Precinct Committee Person Appointments

We will vote to fill vacancies for Precinct Committee Persons. Applicants are listed here.

Ready to renew your PCP-ship?

Read this to to be on the ballot as a PCP in 2020.

New Discrimination, Harrassment, and Bullying Policies for December vote

At the December 12 Central Committee Meeting, we expect to vote on the following rule and bylaw amendments.

Download as a PDF

Proposal for an Amendment to the Bylaws and Standing Rules to Act According to the Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy.

Bylaws: Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for reviewing and, if appropriate, investigating complaints of discrimination, harassment and bullying as defined in the Standing Rules. Please refer to the Standing Rules if you wish to file a complaint.

  1. Membership:
    1. With the approval of the Central Committee, the Party Chair will appoint three PCPs to serve as the Ethics Committee for a term of two years beginning halfway through the Party Chair’s term.
    2. No more than two members of the Committee may be of one gender or race, as self-identified, and the Party Chair will take every effort to ensure maximum diversity.
    3. Party Officers will not serve on the Committee, nor will any party to a current complaint serve on the Committee. The Ethics Committee will select interim replacements as necessary.
  2. Confidentiality:
    1. The Ethics Committee is committed to maintaining confidentiality; however information will be shared as needed to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation. The Ethics Committee’s final investigation report and recommendations will be shared with only one of the three Multnomah County Democrats entities depending on the severity of the incident: The Chair, the Executive Committee or the Central Committee.
  3. Responsibilities:
    1. Take any action in accordance with the standing rules that it deems appropriate including, but not limited to mediating a conflict, contacting law enforcement, or, solely in cases of sexual harassment, recommend removal of a member of the executive committee from office subject to approval by two thirds of the executive committee.
    2. Act in accordance with the Bylaws, Standing Rules, and the Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying Policy.
    3. Make all decisions regarding final recommendations unanimously.
    4. Take action on each complaint filed within the timeline specified in the Standing Rules.
    5. Convene as necessary.
  4. Reporting Procedures:
    1. Complaints should be made to a member of the ethics committee in accordance with the Standing Rules
    2. Every PCP has a responsibility to report any harassment, discrimination, or bullying; and,
    3. Non-PCPs may report harassment, discrimination, or bullying by PCPs to the Ethics Committee.
    4. Retaliation against persons filing complaints is prohibited.

Standing Rule 15: Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy

  1. Scope
    1. Definition of Discrimination:
      1. Unequal or different treatment of an individual on the basis of their protected class status, including, but not limited to, race, color, national origin, creed, religion, ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, economic status, disability or marital status.
    2. Definition of Harassment, including Sexual Harassment:
      1. Unwelcome attention, inappropriate or offensive remarks, slurs or jokes, physical or verbal intimidation, stalking, and inappropriate physical contact or proximity based on protected class status;
      2. Submission either explicitly or implicitly to any prohibited behaviors required as a term or condition of a member’s continued affiliation with a MultDems committee or activity; and
      3. Conduct that creates a hostile environment interfering with an individual’s capacity to participate within MultDems.
    3. Definition of Bullying:**.**
      1. Harmful gossip;
      2. Conduct that demeans, humiliates or intimidates others; and
      3. Verbal or physical behavior that is derogatory or abusive.
    4. Retaliation against entities filing complaints is prohibited.
    5. Reporting Discrimination, Harassment or Bullying
      1. Formal Complaints. Individuals wishing to file a complaint must notify a member of the Ethics Committee using the complaint process described below. Complaints must be filed within one year unless the Ethics Committee Chair determines a meaningful investigation can be conducted after one year has expired.
      2. Informal Consultations. Individuals may also initiate informal consultation with the Ethics Committee should they wish to receive guidance before engaging in a formal complaint process.
      3. Ethics Committee Chair Contact. Individuals filing a formal complaint must contact the Ethics Committee in person or through Additionally, all PCP members have a duty to report harassment to the Ethics Committee.
      4. Timeline After a Complaint is Submitted: After a written complaint has been submitted:
        1. The Ethics Committee Chair or other designated committee member will contact the person submitting the complaint (complainant) within seven days to acknowledge receipt and to obtain preliminary information about the complaint. The Ethics Committee will determine, based on this information,whether to initiate an investigation.;
        2. If the Ethics Committee decides to initiate an investigation the Ethics Chair or designated committee member will notify the respondent that a complaint has been filed against them and request a written response to the complaint within 14 days either affirming or denying its substance. If the respondent does not meet this deadline, the Ethics Committee will proceed with its investigation without this information;
        3. If the respondent denies the substance of the complaint, the Ethics Committee overseeing the dispute will have the option to investigate the complaint by:
          1. interviewing other members with direct knowledge of the substance of the complaint;
          2. requesting documentation from either the complainant or respondent or any other parties directly involved; and
          3. employing other means deemed necessary, with the utmost respect for the confidentiality of the parties .
        4. The Ethics Committee will determine whether the complaint is substantiated, draft a report and make appropriate recommendations regarding next steps within 60 days of the complaint being filed, if possible. This is to ensure the timely, efficient, accurate, and discreet adjudication of all complaints.
    6. Ethics Committee Chair Responsibilities
      1. The Chair of the Ethics Committee should have experience required to conduct impartial investigations and mediation including, but not limited to, experience in human resources or as an attorney.
      2. Receive, acknowledge receipt of, and archive complaints;
      3. Contact the respondent to notify them of the complaint, request their written response, and archive any written response;
      4. Conduct any necessary investigation of the complaint; and
      5. Present their findings to the Ethics Committee with a written report and, if necessary, a recommendation for disciplinary action.
      6. If necessary, the Ethics Committee Chair may recommend that parties do not contact each other for the duration of the investigative process.
      7. Compile a report on January 31 of each year that details:
        1. How many complaints were made
        2. How many were taken to the disciplinary process
        3. How many disciplinary actions were taken
        4. Any recommended changes for making the reporting system more effective.
        5. This report will not include personally identifying information of any parties in any dispute. The Ethics Committee Chair will submit the report no later than January 31 of the new year.
      8. The Ethics Committee Chair will publish on the Party website, and make otherwise available to members,a template form for reporting complaints of harassment that include:
        1. The party’s contact information
        2. The names of the parties involved
        3. A description of reported incident
    7. Formation of the Ethics Committee and Officer Responsibilities
      1. The Technology Officer will establish the email address accessible only to the Ethics Committee Chair to serve as a confidential reporting hotline for allegations.
    8. Remedies
      1. Determinations
        1. All complaints will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Ethics Committee.
      2. Standard for Determining if a Complaint is Credible:
        1. The Ethics Committee will find that the factual allegation in a complaint is “credible” if it more-likely-than-not occurred.
        2. The Ethics Committee will also make credibility findings regarding the person filing the complaint, the respondent and any witnesses.
      3. Types of Remedies
        1. If the Ethics Committee substantiates the complaint, it is authorized to carry out the following remedies:
          1. A formal discussion between the respondent and the Ethics Committee to develop a plan to change the harassing behavior(s).
          2. Referral to a mediation program.
          3. Recommendation for censure and prohibition from non-voting events.
          4. Recommendation and initiation of recall of PCPs from leadership positions.
          5. Recommendation to Central Committee to withdraw appointed PCP membership.(note: State Law requires formal election by all precinct Democrats to remove an elected PCP).
        2. Appropriate form of relief will be determined by, among other things:
          1. The request of the complainant;
          2. The severity of the offense;
          3. The response of the respondents; and
          4. The respondent’s relevant behavioral history.
Climate Forum: "The Possible Role of Market Mechanisms in Comprehensive Climate Action in Oregon."

Forum Series Starts November 13: Comprehensive Climate Action

The Multdems Climate Action Team is convening a series of forums on comprehensive climate action, beginning with

The Possible Role of Market Mechanisms in Comprehensive Climate Action in Oregon.

Wednesday, November 13th.
Doors open at 6:30; Program 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Hollywood Senior Center
1820 NE 40th Ave.

There is a lot of questioning and concern among climate activists, here and beyond, about the viability of the ‘Market’, or ‘Market Mechanisms’, and by extension the Capitalist economic system, in moving forward to address the Climate Emergency. This has caused division and distrust among individuals and organizations in the environmental community – when we need to be united and moving forward. We want to provide a venue for conversation and discussion that will help identify and address underlying issues, in a way that affirms what we agree on, and helps build the unity and political power we need to accomplish goals we share.

Facebook event for the forum

Systematic Conversation

Beginning with an overview of the many facets of the climate crisis, the forum will propose a comprehensive strategy for climate legislation in Oregon that is needed to effectively address this crisis and is consistent with the aspirations of the Green New Deal.

Critical Questions Discussed

Questions such as the following will be addressed and discussed throughout the forum.

What are Market Mechanisms?

Is there a role for them in climate legislation?

What would work better?

Is the proposed comprehensive climate solutions strategy consistent with the aspirations of a Green New Deal?

How can we build the political power needed to pass legislation supporting dramatic climate action here in Oregon?

Let’s talk! Join us.

Download the flyer

The Multdems Climate Action Team’s charge is to educate, engage and activate Democrats to address the Climate Emergency. We are the action part of the Natural Resources Protection and Recovery workgroup (Article V in Multdems 2020 Platform). Contact CAT co-leads Debbie Gordon 503-318-6023 or Tracy Farwell, or CAT member Pat DeLaquil 202-494-8836 in regards to this forum.

Final Platform Meetings before the 2020 Convention

My friends, time is running out. The 2020 Platform Convention on November 23rd is a mere month away and things are heating up! There’s still much to be done and we need your help!

Two important meetings are taking place in the next week and it’s the last time these groups will meet before the convention. They’ll be finalizing some of the last steps before the big event and all Democrats are welcome to attend.

On Monday, October 28th at 7pm, the Platform, Resolutions and Legislation Committee will be meeting to discuss the third draft of the platform itself. The draft will be published and open for comment on this fine website in the first days of November but this will be the last time the platform’s many authors will be gathered in a room for discussion until the convention.

On Saturday, November 2nd at 1pm, the Platform Convention Planning Committee will have their last meeting, finalizing the logistics of the event. After this meeting, those plans will be set in stone so this is your last chance to give input on how the convention will be run!

Both of these meetings will take place at the Multnomah Democrats Headquarters at 3551 NE Sandy Blvd [Map].

These aren’t the last two opportunities to get involved, as our study groups will still be meeting throughout the next month and discussing the comments from the third draft. New faces and fresh perspectives are always welcome and they’d love for you to be there. Check the MultDems events calendar to see when they meet.

Finally, if you haven’t registered to attend, now is definitely the time. The convention is open to all registered Democrats who live in Multnomah County, which is overwhelmingly likely to mean you, so do it now. It’s quick and easy and fun!

Register for the convention

(Fun not guaranteed.)

Today you can help Democrats win. Elections are being held in critical states.

Important elections happening NOW you can effect

Attorneys General, Governors, and Statehouses change history. Particularly as we are going into a year involving

  • Census [cough] gerrymander much?
  • Ballot access (we have seen that movie before and don’t want to see it again)
  • Court cases defending our rights against the administration

The fate of elections in other states matter for our causes and our communities. If you have time or energy between now and early November, consider giving yourself that feel-good experience of helping us win offices and determine history.

Election Day 2019 is Tuesday, November 5th! Each of the 2019 States can use our support over the finish line. Please see below for information about Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Kentucky Governor and Statewide Offices

has races for Governor and all Constitutional officers, and we have 14 days to go! We are in a dead heat to the finish line. GOTV begins Friday, November 1, and the general election is November 5, 2019.

Louisiana: Governor Runoff, Statewide, Senate, and House

Run off Election Day is November 16 and early vote started November 2.

Mississippi Governor and Statewide Officer Elections

November 5. The MS Dems are fired up for GOTV and would love help calling all this month on this Virtual Phone Bank (VPB):

New Jersey’s State House Elections

November 5. To help with canvassing, phonebanking, texting, or helping with voter protection, please contact Executive Director Kevin Olasanoye at

Virginia’s State House and State Senate

November 5. Please contact Ivana Hall to help the DPVA with phonebanking, canvassing, texting, and more at

Multdems Holiday Party November 16

Is this your first holiday party invitation of the year?

Democratic Party of Oregon Holiday Party

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

Get tickets now for the Holiday Party on November 16


As in the past, the Multnomah County Democrats are pleased to co-host the Holiday Fundraising Party at the 4th Quarter State Central Committee Meeting. We invite you to participate by donating items, attending, volunteering or all three?


Show off what your district has to offer and help your District Leader by creating a District Basket! Anything works – Gift certificates from stores and restaurants, event tickets, political memorabilia, sports memorabilia, chocolates, coffee mugs, etc. can populate the basket. Picking a theme (tea, coffee, wine, beer, books, soap, socks, chocolate…) will make it easier for your PCPs to know how easy donations can be. Be bold!!!

Here are the details:

This donation form must be completed for each donation/basket. Items, with a completed donation form, can be dropped off at the office:

3551 NE Sandy Blvd.

Mon 3:00-6:00

Wed 3:00-6:00

Thurs 1:00-4:00

Please call 503 248 0826 to make sure the office is open.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

If you have questions or need the item(s) picked up, please contact Lisa Wilcke at 971-645-5779 or


If they would like to volunteer at the Central Committee Meeting or the night of the Holiday Party, please have them sign up here. Jobs include: set up, registration, raffle sales, distribution to winners, clean up and some miscellaneous stuff.

Location for both the Meeting and Party:

PCC Sylvania- 12000 SW 49th Ave, Portland, OR 97219


They can direct questions to:

Rachelle Dixon, 503-935-2897, or

Henry Exerjian, 503-997-7139,


It’s a great evening for a great cause – the MultDems drive progressive change across our county and the entire state and the work we do helps support a diverse, talented slate of candidates and elected officials. Price – $35 and includes buffet dinner.

Tickets are available at this link. 2019 Holiday Party Ticket Link!

Thank you for supporting the Multnomah County Democrats fundraiser!

Ben Lavine and Alexandra Byers are 2019 winners of the Sue Hagmeier Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2019 winners of the Sue Hagmeier Scholarship, Ben Lavine and Alexandra Byers.

The Sue Hagmeier scholarship was established to assist young Democrats to attend the biennial Oregon Summit, held this year October 18-20 in Sunriver, OR.

“In 2005 we attended the Summit and were immediately hooked – we got involved. Giving the opportunity for a young leader to participate in all that the Summit offers is a fitting way to both honor Sue and give this informative experience to a young person who couldn’t otherwise afford the Summit costs,” says John Vandermosten who created the scholarship along with his wife Shirley Vandermosten in honor of Hagmeier, their longtime friend.

Deeply involved with the Multnomah County Democrats, Lavine has worked on the Neighborhood Leader Program for his house district. He also works with the very active Campaign and Candidate Liaison Committee.

“I’m really looking forward to the workshops and the speakers, and getting to know my fellow Democrats at the Oregon Summit. I am deeply thankful for the opportunity that this scholarship has given me.” says Lavine.

Byers is a Secondary Spanish Immersion teacher at Lakeridge High School. She also coaches a variety of sports throughout the year and is an Instructional Coach for EdForce, a national education start up. She is an active volunteer with the Multnomah County Democrats and is a graduate of Lincoln High School and Bryn Mawr College.

“I plan to continue to be involved with politics and activism after the Summit. I plan to travel to Ohio next summer and help with the Democratic campaign efforts in 2020. I also would like to continue to help disenfranchised voters or non-voters become involved and have access to voting stations,” says Byers.

The Sue Hagmeier legacy

Sue Hagmeier, who passed away in 2017, was a long time Democratic and community activist. Born and raised in Portland, she graduated from Jackson High School and Reed College. Hagmeier was elected to the Portland Public Schools school board and served two terms, from 1995-2003. Continuing her political dedication, she served as the Multnomah County Democrat’s communications chair for many years, attended the 2012 Democratic National Convention as an Oregon delegate, and worked in the state legislature. She believed strongly in the power of government as well as individual action to make people’s lives better.

The premier gathering of Oregon Democrats

The 10th Biennial Oregon Summit, Featuring Congresswoman Sharice Davids. October 18-20, 2019. Sunriver, Oregon.

Held every other year, the 10th Oregon Summit will be held October 18-20 at Sunriver. Along with Congresswoman Sharice Davids of Kansas, attendees will hear Oregon and national leaders speak. Workshops will brim with ideas and inspiration.

Workshops offered include

  • Injustice: Race, Bias, and Disparity in the Criminal Justice System
  • Building a Future-Ready Transportation System
  • The Road to Milwaukee: Delegate Selection for the 2020 Democratic National Convention
  • Organizing in Rural & Red Districts: Building a Bench in CD 2 and Beyond

The Mission of the Multnomah County Democrats is to engage and share our resources with the people of our county to empower them to raise their voices through their votes and community actions. We invite all registered county Democrats to join our Party. Together we all work to provide opportunities for voters to learn about and influence local and statewide politics. To learn how to get involved, visit


MulDems Resolution 2019-26: Addressing Recent Turkish Incursion into Kurshish Syria

Multnomah Democrats pass resolution calling for UN Involvement in Kurdish Syria

At the Central Committee Meeting on October 10, 2019, the Multnomah County Democrats unanimously passed Resolution 2019-26, Addressing Recent Turkish Incursion into Kurshish Syria

Download the full resolution as a PDF

WHEREAS Syrian Democratic Forces fighters have been instrumental in rolling back the black-flagged tide of the so-called Islamic State.

WHEREAS ethnic Kurds make up a large percentage of Syrian Democratic Forces’s personnel;

WHEREAS the Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw U.S. Military forces from the Turkish-Syrian border has invited a massive Turkish incursion into Syrian Kurdish Territory;

WHEREAS an invasion of Kurdish Territory would put civilians at risk of death at the hands of Turkish, Syrian Arab Republic, and ISIS forces;

WHEREAS Thousands of Kurdish, civilians have already been displaced.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Multnomah County Democratic Party condemns and deplores this craven, callous betrayal of a regional ally;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED The Multnomah County Democratic Party calls upon Oregon’s Congressional delegation and the Trump Administration to exert diplomatic and economic pressure, including sanctions on the Republic of Turkey to withdraw its armed forces from Northern Syria;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Multnomah County Democratic Party calls upon the United Nations to send a peacekeeping mission to Northern Syria to protect civilians there from acts of aggression and terrorism.

Submitted 10 October 2019

Sponsored by:

  • Spencer Trumm
  • Jil Heimensen
  • Graham Parks
  • Michelle Risher
  • Bing Wong
  • Henry Exerjian

    Transcribed by Patch Perryman, MCD Recording Secretary


Faith E Ruffing  

Register now for the platform convention and guide the next two years of party policy

You must register to attend the Platform Convention. See below.

The Platform Committee of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County has completed the Second Draft of the 2020 Platform which is now ready for review and comment. The comment period will end on October 19th. Focus on the ones you are interested in. Please let us know if anything should be added, revised or removed.

The preambles are a statement of what we believe and are the principles of the article. The planks further delineate these principles by identifying current important issues. The Legislative Action Items support or oppose legislative concepts and give us direction in future legislative work.

The draft platform features two additional articles: Tribal Sovereignty, and Oregon Anti Black Foundation. The order of the Articles has been changed putting like topics together which may change again in the final as we continue to refine it.

A lot of work and many interesting discussions were had with the individual Study Groups to come up with this draft. Editing removed a lot of verbiage for clarity and brevity which some of you may feel should not be removed. If you think thoughts removed should be returned please go to the link above to make your comments.

We know there is duplication both within and across the articles. In some instances the point may be important enough to have in both. The planks and LAI will be grouped according to topic and local, state or federal impact. These are some of the things to consider as we review and comment on the Second Draft.

After the comment period ends the Platform, Resolution and Legislative Committee (PRLC) will prepare the Final Draft of the 2020 Platform for submission to the Convention for adoption. The Convention is on November 23 at the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) offices.[ Map]

In order to attend the Convention you must register and indicate your preferences for the Short Sessions. There will be 2 Sessions at the Convention but indicate the top three in case the article group is overloaded and we need to shift some to another group. Register here.

Have fun reading and many thanks to all who put this together,

Lurelle Robbins, Chair, The Democratic Party of Multnomah County

Faith E Ruffing, Chair, Platform, Resolutions and Legislative Committee

And now for something REALLY serious. Tonight is your last chance to buy discounted tickets to our much-acclaimed Comedy, Candidates, and Cocktails fundraiser. Saturday (that’s tomorrow!) night, four top local comics will join local candidates for a fun-raiser of bigly proportions. Get your tickets now!

Learn more.

Cat in a biketown basket riding across Tillikum Crossing

Comedy Night Tomorrow: Today is your last chance to save $10

Today Friday, October 11, is your last chance to save $10 on your ticket to Comedy, Candidates, and Cocktails. They are only $35 at the door, but by clicking this here button, you can get all your tickets for just $25 each

So what will you do with your ten bucks?

We know you love Oregon and our region, so we put together a little Etsy shopping list for you:

Or you could buy some snacks at the food carts on hand tomorrow night. You could buy Nariko Ott, one of our featured comics, a snack. He seems kinda skinny. Maybe he is not getting enough protein.

Regardless, we will see you there, where we will all enjoy the organic, grass-fed Multnomah County-local Comedy of Nariko, Shain, Becky, and Adam.

Get your tickets now and save $10 from the door cost. Heck, tickets at the door are only $35 and goes to elect Democrats. Its a great way to spend your money.

Of course, if you buy them NOW, you can use that extra $10 and order a print of the Dragon of St. Johns Bridge. And that, along with a night of comedy with your fellow Democrats, just might make your life complete.

See you tomorrow!

Follow us on Facebook and check our events calendar to keep up with MultDems.

Donate to Multnomah Democrats

Our party runs on your energy. Thank you for contributing!

Thank you for all you do!

The Democratic Party of Multnomah County strives to be welcoming and accessible to all. If you or someone you know require ADA or any other accommodations to attend one of our events please contact us to tell us how to make your attendance possible.