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Fill Your Eyes with Beauty: Beyond Celsi 2020

Some featured items from the Beyond Celsi online auction! 

This year’s auction items are exciting – from experiences and learning opportunities to yummy food and wine offerings, plus many choices among one-of-a-kind art and collectibles. 

Items are up until June 2. Get your bids in now, though: you don’t want to miss your chance!

Browse the dozens of auction items. Every bid helps us move our communities forward in 2020.

Mounted for wall hanging Japanese fan: A one-of-a-kind item to enhance your space

Necklace with bird image

Hand-crafted pendant made of repurposed materials by Linda Barker

Night With Her Train of Stars by Edward Robert Hughes. Winged female on a blue background.

Night With Her Train of Stars by Edward Robert Hughes.

Collection of photographs of Portland bridges and locations.

Get outside (virtually) and send a letter to your loved ones.

These 25 Stunning notecards by photographer Kristine Karnezis feature local images that will make you want to climb right into the pictures.

From experiences and learning opportunities to yummy food and wine offerings, plus many choices among one-of-a-kind art and collectibles: Our auction has tons for everyone.

Any many more. Browse the whole catalog!

Celsi celebrates the volunteer spirit that powers MultDems work.

Check out our awardees and give them a round of applause.

Hand an heart: Can you contribute now to help power our work?

Download the program to our cancelled annual fundraiser.

Not only did we lose this opportunity to gather and celebrate all the volunteers that make Multnomah Democrats so effective, We lost our key fundraiser for the year. Please make a donation to power our community-driven work.

PCP Election results should be available by early June 2020

When will PCP election results be available?

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about when Multnomah County Elections Division will report Precinct Committe Person (PCP) election results. We expect that you will find them at the County Elections website (MCED) sometime in the next week or two; MCED is saying that they expect to post final results by June 8. We will link to those results when they become available.

You should also expect to hear from Multnomah Democrats soon about organization meetings for your House District.

Thanks for joining the team!

Video of Bernie Sanders speaking

On Election Day, Bernie’s Message Still Resonates for Me

Today in Oregon and in Multnomah County we vote in our Primary Election. Most of us have voted by now, but for all who have not yet turned in your ballots remember to drop your ballots off before 8 PM tonight at an official drop off site.

Bernie Sanders inspired many of us to envision a world where all residents could thrive, a world where a living wage and health care for all were the norm. That vision will continue. It is now up to us to come together, more than ever, at the local party level to demand that we the people, working together, take on the powers and money that would keep us from a better world for all.

In his speech announcing the suspension of his campaign and endorsement of Joe Biden, Bernie reflects powerfully upon the the work we are called upon to continue; making a better world and empowering all people.

He also evokes one of my favorite quotes:

It always seems impossible until it is done.

Nelson Mandela

Lurelle Robbins, Chair,

The Democratic Party of Multnomah County

Online MultDems Central Committee Meeting Thursday

To keep us all safe and flatten the curve, the Central Committee meeting of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County is happening Thursday online via Zoom.

Thursday, May 14, 2020


RSVP HERE for details (Current PCPs only.

The meeting will be open to members of the Central Committee (PCP’s)

SCC Delegates, please, note relevant info below.

Our schedule is as follows:

6:30 PM Registration and Sign In to be credentialed

7:00 PM Business Meeting begins

9:00 PM Scheduled end of Business Meeting

Minutes of Previous Meetings:

You have to register to join the meeting! Only valid PCPs can be credentialed

Register Here

Reports and Updates

  • Compelling requests for volunteers from
  • Campaign –
  • Neighborhood Leader
  • Endorsement Task Force
  • Fundraising

Precinct Committee Persons ARE The Central Committee

The term of office for all current PCP’s expires on June 12th, 2020. At that time, elected PCPs will assume their new terms of office. If you are not on the PCP ballot, you may run a write-in campaign by getting 3 or more votes and filing a form with Multnomah County Elections Division, no later than May 19th. Find details at How to become a precinct committee person (PCP) via write-in

Important Topics for State Central Committee

We willl take nominations from the floor and vote to fill two vacancies for either female or non-binary alternates to the State Central Committee. You may self nominate or nominate someone else. Please confirm with your nominee that they are willing to serve.

The SCC Delegations will convene immediately after adjournment of the CC meeting to select a delegation chair.

Running a write-in campaign for PCP

How to become a precinct committee person (PCP) via write-in

Have you considered running for office? Start by running for Precinct Committee Person (“PCP”).

PCPs are elected members of the Central Committee, the governing body of our Democratic Party. Elected PCPs vote for the leaders of the County Party, both on a district level and on a county level, and also vote for delegates to the State Central Committee and the Congressional Committees. They also serve as volunteers when it’s time to get out the vote for President, Secretary of State, State Legislature, and other offices.

There are usually more PCP positions than persons running for PCP, and so you can usually win if you qualify, file the required paperwork, and get at least three (3) Democrats in your precinct to vote for you.

Here are the details


You must be a Democrat who has been registered since November 21, 2019.


You must fill out a form SEL-105D and file it with your County Elections Office. They need to receive this form by May 19 at 8PM. It’s best to mail it in right away just to be safe. You can email this form to or mail it to:

Multnomah County Elections Division
1040 SE Morrison
Portland OR 97214


You must receive the write-in votes of at least three (3) Democrats in your precinct. It’s best to talk to your Democratic friends and neighbors about voting for you. You can look up your precinct using the Multnomah County Elections Division precinct lookup tool.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Note: if you have already filed to have your name on the ballot as a PCP candidate, you do not need to run as a write-in.

MultDems Support May 2020 Ballot Measure 26-210

Multnomah Democrats support Ballot Measure 260-210

On February 13, the Multnomah County Democratic Party Central Committee unanimously voted to support Resolution 2020-5 Urging Metro to Refer Homeless Services Ballot Initiative. Homelessness in Multnomah County has reached catastrophic proportions. As the late Commissioner Nick Fish aptly noted days before his untimely death, “literally people are screaming at us to do something to address this crisis now!”

That was before the coronavirus, which put an abrupt end to most economic activity. Worse, the virus exacerbated the challenges for those who are already homeless while placing many others at risk of homelessness.

Please support Metro Measure 26-210.  Too many people were homeless in Portland before the coronavirus hit and many more will experience homelessness due to COVID-19.

House District Primary 2020 Forums on YouTube Live!

Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) in Multnomah County are organizing forums to get to know the candidates in their house and senate districts. Watch them live or recorded on YouTube!

House District 50

House District 46

House District 42

House District 36

Thursday, April 23rd, MultDems hosted their first online candidate forum. Candidates for House District 36 Lisa Reynolds, Rob Fullmer, and Laurie Wimmer answered questions from HD36 Democratic voters on PERS, climate legislations, and COVID-19 response. This is the only side by side opportunity known of to compare these candidates.

Does your Senate or House District need a candidate forum?

What about another race?

Reach out and we will help you set up that forum!

Multnomah County Democrats Postpone 2020 Celsi Celebration

As part of the international and local efforts to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Multnomah County Democrats will postpone their annual Celsi Celebration, originally scheduled at the Oregon Convention Center on Saturday, March 21st.

The postponement decision was made due to recommendations from Oregon Health Authority, Governor Brown,  Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization — along with concerns for our diverse communities. While there is a high level of uncertainty as the pandemic spreads around our city, state and the world, it is clear that everyone has a responsibility to institute various mitigation practices of social distancing to help stem that spread.

“We are not going anywhere. The need in our community for activism is only greater now, and we will continue to serve. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on our activism in these times,” says Lurelle Robbins, chair of the Multnomah County Democrats.

For more information about the work of Multnomah County Democrats, please visit To get updates on Celsi, visit and subscribe to the email list at

March Central Committee Meeting is Cancelled

We have received numerous inquiries about whether we would have a CC meeting tonight. We had planned an interesting program with County Commissioner Jayapal and numerous candidates for office, but everyone’s health and comfort is more important.

The Governor’s press release and efforts to respond to the corona virus were reported around 10 pm. The Governor is scheduled to speak today at 11am.

At this time it is best that we exercise an abundance of caution in light of the unfolding situation.

The March 12 Central Committee Meeting is Cancelled.

Thank you for your understanding. We will provide timely updates of our next meetings.

Lurelle Robbins, Chair
The Democratic Party of Multnomah County

PS.  We are developing messaging about the Celsi Celebration and will be communicating about that event later today.