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Deadline to get on the May Ballot to be elected a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) is Tuesday March 10th

It is time to get involved for 2020 and beyond! Become a precinct committee person (PCP) and help move progressive causes forward in your community, your state, and your nation.

More information and details about registering to be a PCP.

Fill out your SEL-105 and return it to:

Multnomah County Elections Division
1040 SE Morrison Street
Portland OR 97214

Or email it to elections@multco.us

DO NOT SEND IT TO THE MULTNOMAH COUNTY DEMOCRATS – we might not be able to process it in time now!

REMEMBER to put your PRECINCT NUMBER in the “Precinct Information / Number” field. You can look it up here.

Don’t delay, file today!

Three diverse people on a roof holding an American flag. "Be a Primary Voter"

Activists Needed to Help Non-Affiliated Voters “Be A Primary Voter”

Thousands of newly registered voters won’t have the option to choose the Democratic Presidential candidate in the May primary election — unless you let them know. 

The 2015 motor voter law that registers voters when they get a new driver license means Oregon has added nearly a million new voters. This is great news, except most of them have not chosen a party. These Non-Affiliated Voters (NAV) won’t have party races on their ballot this May if they don’t choose by April 28, 2020. 

Of course, the Multnomah County Democrats want these new voters to choose the party with candidates who share values for human-need causes like healthcare, climate, civil rights and economic justice. We also know, once someone participates in a primary election, they are more likely to vote in the general elections. 

Our goal is to increase civic engagement by encouraging citizens to exercise their RIGHT to vote for the candidate who they think could best support the issues important to them. 

That’s why we’re reaching out to community organizers and activists like you. The Multnomah County Democrats have created a voter registration program called “Be A Primary Voter.” Check out the easy action kits to help you to reach out to non-affiliated voters with voter lists; scripts, flyers and instructions. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide what kind of event you want to have. Choose from hosting a postcard party, a walk party canvass event or a call-and-text party. You could even combine them.
  2. Learn how to use MiniVAN here or attend an action party at Multnomah Democrats HQ and download your list of voters to contact.
  3. Once you have your action kit and your contact list, you are ready to host your event. Your volunteers will contact non-affiliated voters who are likely Democratic voters to let them know only registered Democrats get to choose who will be our Presidential nominee. And show them how to update their registration.

We know you’re working hard to beat Trump in 2020. Volunteering to register NAVs will make a huge difference in voter participation. That effects critical issues like our Secretary of State election, post-census redistricting, and ballot measures. Oregonians deserve to have a choice and Be A Primary Voter. Can we count on you to organize a group of activists? Learn more or go here to sign up.

Fast approaching: deadline to apply for PCP elections is March 10

Precinct Committee Persons define our party. They work to get out the vote for Democrats — and have the opportunity to influence the our policies. If you are looking for a path to political impact, this is it.

Good news: deadline to be on the May ballot is March 10!

You need to have been a registered Democrat since Sept 12 of last year and you need to live in Multnomah County. Fill out the enclosed form and return it to the:

Multnomah County Elections Office

1040 SE Morrison

Portland OR 97214 **email: elections@multco.us

Important Tip from MultDems Vice Chair 2, Michael Smith

The form asks for your “Number” near the top. This is your Precinct Number. You can look it up using the Multnomah County Precinct Lookup Application This is not a mobile-friendly page; you’ll want a computer to do this.

More information – much more! – is available from the Democratic Party of Oregon at DPO.org/pcp

Volunteer request: Fundraising team header

Join the Fundraising Committee! Yes, you.

If elections are the beating heart of the Democratic Party and legislation is the brain, then fundraising is the stomach. Don’t question this. It’s science.

The Fundraising Committee is looking for volunteers! It is extremely likely that this means you.

The Multnomah County Democratic Party is a purely volunteer-driven organization, all the way up to the party chair, so 100% of all donations go directly into the resources that (literally) keep the power on. From physical spaces like the headquarters and Hollywood Senior Center, to the materials we hand out at events, to the software we use to get out the vote during every election, none of it would be possible without the work of the fundraising team.

They do this work in a bunch of different ways, which means there’s a bunch of different ways to help:

  • Plan and coordinate events like our annual comedy night.
  • Develop and deploy awesome messaging to not just seek donations but also get people energized for upcoming elections and activities.
  • Build relationships with the community and get them invested in the future of the party and Multnomah County.
  • Use the cutting edge power of E-mail and the World Wide Web to run digital campaigns and drive on-line donations.

No matter your skill set, there’s always something that only you can do, and the Fundraising Committee is looking forward to hearing from you.

Ready to help out? Email volunteers@multdems.org and bring a Blue Wave to 2020!

MultDems are looking for a Digital Fundraising Coordinator to crush it in 2020!

2020 is poised to be a pretty big and important year. It’s going to take a lot of work. That work will often involve money. Getting that money means fundraising. And fundraising means thinking big.

Multnomah Democrats are looking for a Digital Fundraising Coordinator who’s ready to do that big thinking.

This is a crucial volunteer position within the Fundraising Committee that plans and implements our online fundraising efforts across social media, email and other frontiers. With their resources and knowledge, you’ll take point on designing awesome fundraising campaigns that will not just raise money for the party but also get people charged up to support their local Democrats.

You’ll get to know NGP VAN, the gold standard for fundraising software used by Democrats across the country, and gain sharp insight into what makes our county tick. And, of course, you’ll be helping Democrats change our county, state and country for the better. That matters too, right?

And don’t wait! Even if November seems far away, our May primaries aren’t. MultDems are on the move, and we need your help now!

If you think this is the job for you, email volunteers@multdems.org and help us bring a Blue Wave to 2020!