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Save the date: Celsi is March 21st

Nominations for Dick Celsi, Governor Barbara Roberts Young Democrat and Bill and Gladys McCoy Awards Are Now Open!

Celsi Celebration – March 21, 2020

Get your nominations in by January 21

The 2020 Democratic Party of Multnomah County Dick Celsi Fundraising Event will be held March 21, 2020.  Three individuals will be recognized for their service and commitment to the Party.

Nominations for the Dick Celsi Award, the Bill and Gladys McCoy Award, and the Governor Barbara Roberts Young Democrat Award are now open. You may offer nominations by using this link to our nomination form. Nominations are due by midnight the night of January 21,2020.

The Dick Celsi Award

Dick Celsi – “Celsi” as his friends called him – served as Chair of the Multnomah County Democrats during the 1970s and Chair of the State Democratic Party during the 1980s and into the 1990s. A Democratic Socialist, he was a strong voice for the poor, homeless, and those without means.

In honor of Dick Celsi, a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) who emulates Dick Celsi’s dedication to the Party and to grassroots activism will be selected to receive the Dick Celsi Award. To be eligible for this award, the PCP must not have previously received it, must not be a State or County Democratic Party Officer, and must not have been an officer of the Multnomah County Democrats within the last six months. 

Governor Barbara Roberts Young Democrat Award

Barbara Roberts served as the 34th Governor of Oregon from 1991 to 1995. She was the first woman to serve as Oregon Governor, and was also the first woman to serve as Majority Leader in the Oregon House of Representatives. She also served as Secretary of State for two terms, and, most recently, as a member of the Metro Council from 2011 to 2013. 

In her honor, the Governor Barbara Roberts Young Democrat Award is presented to a young Democrat who has significantly contributed as a volunteer for our organization. To be eligible for this award, the recipient shall be no older than 37 as of January 1, 2020.

Bill and Gladys McCoy Award

Bill McCoy in 1972 became the first African-American elected to the Oregon State Legislature. His wife Gladys became the first African-American member of the Portland School Board in 1970, and then the first African-American Multnomah County Commissioner in 1979.

In their honor, the Bill and Gladys McCoy Award recognizes a present or past-elected official who resides in Multnomah County and who has provided significant service and support to the Party.
We thank everyone of our volunteers and we thank you for helping to choose the award recipients. Please use this form to submit your nominations.

Seeking Office Manager. email volunteer@multdems.org

MultDems Seeking Organized Volunteer to Help Democrats Win

Are you the one that knows where everything is? Do you remember to order printer paper long before it runs out?

Are you motivated to be in the mix as the election season heats up?

The Multnomah Democrats are seeking a volunteer office manager. This role enables every single volunteer in our group and is forever in our hearts.

Is this you? Email volunteer@multdems.org.

Job Description

Multnomah County Democrats is run on an all-volunteer basis. The office manager orients, supervises and coordinates people to staff regular open hours. They will also help to supervise other volunteers who come in for as needed (infrequent) office activities such as data entry, mailings, and copying work. The goal is to have open hours three to four days a week for four hours or so.  As the elections of 2020 approach additional hours may be needed. The office staff does a variety of tasks including taking in mail, checking supplies and cleanliness in the room and bathrooms, and managing refuse. Committees and the volunteer coordinator will ask office staff (including the manager to help and supervise) to do tasks such as phoning, data entry and copying with adequate training.

The manager is responsible for cleaning the space using volunteers.  They advise the administrative team, particularly the Chair and Treasurer, to keep supplies and merchandise up to date and in order. They are one of three or four people responsible for answering email-relayed phone calls. Similarly they are responsible for scheduling the office for County Party meetings, events and other sanctioned group events and making sure the groups have someone to open the door for the meetings which can also be done by the volunteers staffing the office hours.

There is cross coverage with the Chair, Volunteer Coordinator and the rest of the elected officers to cover office hours. Notifying the admin team and suggesting improvements to the office space is a plus.


The person would be able to manage google calendar, monitor emails, and manage spreadsheets (training provided).  They will have good attention to detail. They honor confidentiality for use of databases. Preference for experience in managing an office. This person will enjoy working with volunteers and be flexible and understanding of the limitations of volunteers.


Hours are variable. The jobs requires being available by phone or email daily and in the office intermittently at times throughout the week. Expect to be on site four to 8 hours a week and volunteer on average 8-12 hours a week. There is cross-coverage by others for vacations or for specific days so good communication is essential.

If this is a role you would enjoy, join us and help stop Trump. Email volunteer@multdems.org