Let’s Go Neighborhood Leaders!

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The May 21 primary ballot includes some really important votes: US Congress in both the 3rd and 5th districts, Oregon state races including Secretary of State, as well as every County Commission District.

It’s spring! The weather is warming up a (little) bit, And we’re getting outside talking voting with our neighbors.

Starting now- Before the Voter Registration Deadline of May 1st, we invite our Dem-leaning neighbors who are currently registered as “Non-Affiliated” to update their registration to Democrat.

Most of these folks have recently moved, and were registered when they got their new driver’s license. But, if they don’t update to Dem by the deadline, they miss the chance to vote in US Congress and State Office primaries on May 21st.  As a Neighborhood Leader, you’ll get about 35 voters in the couple of blocks close to you; pretty much the same turf as your regular Democratic neighbors in your precinct.

If you’ve already connected with your local House District coordinator, that’s great. They’ll help you with training, voter maps, scripts and handouts. 

If you have not connected yet with your District Coordinator, please send me an email. (We’re still organizing in some districts.) I’ll be able to get you connected or set you up with all the tools and resources directly: marciapnp@gmail.com.

Starting April 24th, just before ballots are mailed, we’ll be checking in with our registered Democratic neighbors to be sure they receive their ballots and have all the election info they need. We’re simply asking them to vote by May 21st.  

This is our secret sauce. It’s extremely effective work. Neighborhood Leaders turn out their voters at 85, 90% or more!

Thank you for keeping up the grassroots voter connection that gets so many more folks participating in our democracy.

Marcia Schneider
Mult County Democrats
Neighborhood Leader Coordinator, PCP for HD48
email me at marciapnp@gmail.com