Young Democrats! Apply today for the Sue Hagmeier Summit Scholarship!

Sue Hagmeier, beloved friend of the MCD
In honor of the legacy and activism of our friend and long-time Party leader Sue Hagmeier, the Multnomah Democratic Party, through the gracious support of John and Shirley Vandermosten, has established a scholarship for young Democrats in Sue’s memory, to attend the biannual Oregon Summit, October 20-22, in Sunriver, OR.

Apply for the scholarship here. Applications are due Friday Sept. 15th.
The Sue Hagmeier Summit Scholarship will be awarded to a young Democrat (21-36) who best exemplifies Sue’s spirit of activism and commitment to “making people’s lives better”. The award of $500.00 will be presented to a young Democrat to defray the costs of attending the Biannual Oregon Summit, usually $500 and up. Held in October of odd number years, The Summit is the premier Oregon Democratic Party event, featuring outstanding seminars, national Democratic personalities and incredible up-close-and personal time with Oregon’s Democratic leaders.

This year’s Summit will be held from Oct 21 to Oct. 23 In Sunriver, Oregon. If you are:

  • Between 21 and 36 years of age as of Oct 20, 2017
  • A registered member of the Democratic Party (since before the November 8 2016 election) living in Multnomah County
  • Experienced in Party/Community activism

then please apply for the scholarship using this form. Applications are due Friday September 15th at 5PM Pacific time. Once you have applied, stay tuned to for the announcement of the winner, along with other information about how you can continue to be involved.

“In 2005 we attended the Summit and were immediately hooked – we got involved. Giving the opportunity for a young leader to participate in all that the Summit offers is a fitting way to both honor Sue and give this informative experience to a young person who couldn’t otherwise afford the Summit costs”

John Vandermosten

Apply for the scholarship here. Applications are due Friday Sept. 15th.

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