Why Your One Vote Makes a Difference

Come on, really? Does my one vote make a difference? Let’s look at the data.

Your one vote DOES make a difference.

In the case of the 2020 election, remember DJT badgering the Secretary of State from Georgia, there was a reason. Biden only won Georgia by 10,000+ votes! When you add Biden’s margin in Wisconsin and Arizona, he won all three by 42,918  votes!

That is a stunning, not 1%, but less than 1% of the vote, 0.38%

Biden vs. Trump 2020

“On average, programs that aim to increase voter turnout get between 0–3% of the people they contact to vote who wouldn’t have otherwise. While these may seem like small impacts, the consequences often mean the difference between winning and losing elections.” Turnoutpac Effects of Even Small Actions  Further research shows that phone calls, text messages, postcards, and letters boost voter turnout.

This is where Oregon is now.  We need to get out the vote (GOTV) by November 8. 

Volunteer one afternoon to pass out slate cards to Portland voters. A slate card is a list of Democrats on the ballot (even non-partisan candidates are identified) plus a list of ballot measures Democrats endorse by a 2/3 vote.  Help us get our voters informed and ready to fill out their ballots!

Here is a link to sign up to sign up to drop slate cards in Multnomah County!

Check out opportunities in Portland and across the state with the Mobilize Website

 Canvass for Jamie McCleod Skinner or Tina Kotek; phone bank; check MultDems.org frequently for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Dannelle D. Stevens is a PCP and active Multnomah County Democrat, with the Campaign Committee and more.

graphic credit: Progressive Turnout Project.