This Gubernatorial Election Is Not a Conventional War: We Need YOU!

by Angela Jones, PCP HD 47

Maureen Dowd’s recent opinion piece in the New York Times is the call to arms Oregon Democrats need now, less than 50 days until ballots are mailed. 

We are looking at the frightening potential of a garishly bespectacled, gun-toting Oregon governor. A woman. But not an ally for women’s health rights or the well-being of their children. It’s time to fight for Oregon democracy because this time the Democrat on your ballot  is not a shoo-in for Governor. And so far Tina Kotek’s opponents seem hungrier, better funded and more determined than we are to win.

Tina Kotek has a long legislative history but seems uncomfortable campaigning passionately and deftly. She needs us to pick up the slack and raise a ruckus. Her election is the only way we can continue to count on continued protections for women’s health rights here in Oregon, not to mention our only fighting chance for further legislation on gun safety. We know Betsy is on the side of the NRA. She’s made this abundantly clear. And that only means more shootings and more lives lost in the name of the Second Amendment. 

So here’s what we need from you. We need you to commit to action. We need you to stand on the side of our woman, Tina Kotek. There are a number of opportunities to volunteer — from phone banking to handing out slate cards to becoming a Neighborhood Leader. This is not the election to sit back confidently. Have you turned on your TV recently? Betsy is all over the place standing for law and order. She is posing as someone who will bring less politics and more common sense to the role of Governor. Do you think she will represent ALL Oregonians?. Since when is an AR-15 common sense?

We need you to talk to your friends and neighbors about voting and why their vote for Tina Kotek is so critical in this election. It’s critical for those of us who are passionate about protecting women’s health rights and concerned about preventing more mass shootings in our communities. It’s also imperative for those of us who understand that the issues of crime and houselessness don’t have easy or quick solutions. 

And we need you, Tina. It is time for you to get bolder and more passionate about your position. You should have been in Bend last weekend, not on Twitter. You need to push yourself out of your comfort zone and into the streets. Be aggressive and bold. Show this state that you are not just a wonk. Demonstrate that you are the person — the woman we need to lead this great state to a better, fairer, more equitable future for all Oregonians.

To learn how YOU can get involved and boost Democrats this election season, visit the MultDems volunteer page. All hands on deck!

Angela Jones PCP

Angela Jones is a PCP in HD 47 and a member of the MultDems Communications committee. She is also an experienced creative and brand strategist.