September 14th Central Committee Meeting

The next Central Committee Business Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 14th, 2017 (Google Calendar) at:

Hollywood Senior Center, 1820 NE 40th Ave, Portland, OR 97212. (Map)

Parking is available on the street, with additional parking available at the paid lot behind the Senior Center. Please DO NOT park in the bank parking lot across the street; they will tow!

6:00 PM doors open, credentialing starts

6:30 PM Program discussion – The Crisis in Funding Oregon Public Schools: The Why and Possible Solutions
By Juan Carlos Ordonez, Oregon Center for Public Policy (OCPP)

We will take a look at how Oregon funds education today, and the history of funding in the state. In addition, there will be a look at why the Quality Education Model (QEM) has never been funded, and what can be done to improve matters in the future.

7:30 PM Tentative start of the Business Meeting. We will use Robert’s Rules of Order as a guide.

7:35 PM Credentialing Ends

The Platform, Resolutions and Legislative Committee (PLRC) will present the following resolution for consideration:

Resolution 2017-21 (Urging Congress to delete any language from S. 720 and HR 1697 in the U.S. Congress that could penalize an individual’s speech)

The Rules Committee will present this new, revised language of Article XI of the Bylaws for a vote. The proposed Bylaw change will enable the Platform Committee to proceed with the November 4th Platform Convention, as planned. If approved, it will replace the outdated (2016) Bylaw.

We will also vote to appoint PCPs. The list of persons eligible for appointment is here.




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