Reproductive Rights: Nine Orgs to Support

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The Dobbs decision has been devastating to everyone who supports reproductive rights. What can activists do post-Dobbs?

In 2022, we need to elect pro-choice Democrats in Oregon and to Congress — we need to vote in at least two more Dems to the US Senate. Keep making noise! Your elected representatives need to hear from everyone to feel supported as they work toward improving abortion access in states where restrictions are suddenly in place. #vote #volunteer

And, support organizations fighting for these important rights. In Oregon, may we suggest exploring the work of these organizations?:

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

Oregon Latino Health Coalition

Reproductive Health Equity Now!

NARAL Pro Choice Oregon

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon

Family Forward Oregon

Keep Our Clinics Oregon

NW Abortion Access Fund

Reproductive Health Equity Fund

Are you working with other active groups and initiatives in Oregon? Please let us know: