Rachelle Dixon – 2017 Candidate for 1st Vice Chair


I am a resident of East Multnomah County and a lifelong Democrat. I have experience in the field of Technology and Education.

Political Experience

I am a life long Democrat and a PCP in District 50 as well as an SCC Delegate. I was an Oregon Bernie Sanders Delegate. Locally, I worked on Laurie Minnes Anderson’s campaign in East County. Previously, I campaigned for Obama and worked on a PAC for John Kerry.

Vision for the Multnomah County Democratic Party

I would like to see a Democratic Party that is diverse and reflects all of the communities in the county. One that addresses the significant challenges our community is facing under the incoming administration. I am passionate about creating the change we need to energize our community to actively represent our united interest and mobilize to resist the incoming administrations assault on education, healthcare and marginalized communities. I believe In order to make these changes, the party must reflect and listen to the people we serve and address their concerns at every level within the party. The grassroots level of our party, the very foundation is the PCP’s. The PCP’s live in the communities they represent and are invested in those communities. As Vice Chair 1, I want to be invested in engaging and supporting the PCP‘s with the tools they need to be successful in their efforts. I want to ensure that every person that walks through the door and wants to participate in growing the party can do so effectively and be whole heartedly welcomed. I don’t think the changes we need are a small task by any means, but I am prepared to work and serve along with the Chairs and member ship to face those challenges head on. I am asking for your vote to help me serve the Democratic people of Multnomah County

About Multco Dems

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