Patch Adam Perryman – 2017 Candidate for Recording Secretary


I shall commit to efficiently prepare and maintain a permanent record of all minutes of the Multnomah County Democrats’ Central Committee, Administrative Committee, Executive Committee and any pro re nada (as needed) meetings undertaking official Party business. I was born in Eugene, raised in Coos Bay. I moved to Portland in June of 2002. My alma maters are Portland State University and OHSU, my 14 year-workplace as a surgical technologist and data analyst (BS-Science ’06, Masters Cert.-Public Admin. ’09; MS-Healthcare Management/Admin ’16). I volunteered with the Oregon Association of Surgical Technologists, quickly joining its non-profit Board first as a member, then Secretary and for two years as President from 2003 – 2006. These statewide roles were adjunct of the national Assembly, requiring me to report on membership interests, create legacy documents, and to organize/conduct dozens of meetings under Roger’s Rules. This work included event planning and project management for twice-a-year seminars for a delegation of a couple hundred surgical professionals. In 2011 my volunteering shifted circles upon becoming a member of the Timbers Army and in 2013 I added the Rose City Riveters (both under the non-profit 107 Independent Supporters Trust.) This culture teems with passionate and selfless people. Creatives who are dedicated and politically diverse; but, we set all differences aside to come together, celebrate our city and cheer on our clubs embracing our region’s do-it-yourself nature. These are the skills I wish to volunteer to our Party as Recording Secretary. My Illinois mother was a medical transcriptionist and taught me to type (90 wpm). My Oklahoma father was a pharmacist and he taught me to think empirically (“Know by Doing,” -Aristotle.) I’m Oregonian and asking for your vote to serve in this role not because it will be rewarded, but because it will reward us all. Thank you.

Political Experience

– Voter Registration volunteer with Portland State University Student Democrats 2004 – 06 – Phonebank and canvasser with Democratic Party of Oregon – 2004 – 06 – Clackamas County PCP in 2006, ’08 and ’10 – Staff of Obama for America Advance Team (Pacific Northwest) 2007- 08 – Volunteer Coordinator Merkley for Senate – Clackamas office 2008 – Past CD3 delegate for Clackamas County 2008 – 09 – Past member of DPO Finance Committee – 2005 – 07 – Current PCP Multnomah County – 2016

Vision for the Multnomah County Democratic Party

I see the Recording Secretary’s position as mostly neutral in terms of floor debate and decision making. This is a time to offer more light and less heat within our Party, and I want to help ensure that the lights don’t flicker while we listen and debate where it’s best to shine the brightest. I do want to coordinate one specific project with the Technology and Communications Officers: To craft and present an action plan to the Chair and other Officers that leads to modernizing MCD’s public documents into a streamlined, transparent, uniform and accessible product. I want to do this work as the recording secretary not because it will be rewarded but because it will be rewarding to the Party, its members and the citizens we all represent (and I admit it that I actually enjoy making forms, working in teams and getting sites to look and work great.)