October 13th General Meeting/Central Committee Meeting

October 13th Meeting at Taborspace
5441 SE Belmont St. (enter on 54th Ave., directly to downstairs space)

Doors open for check-in at 6:15; meeting starts at 6:30, must end by 8:30.

We have unfinished business to finish, and final plans for a strong finish to the campaign, to get our slate cards to voters in Multnomah County and help get ballots returned. Some of our endorsed positions on ballot measures have big money coming in to oppose them (Measure 97, for example). Voters have shown us that they want to know what we think, so let’s tell them.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of election fatigue out there, people saying, “Can it just be over tomorrow?” But it can’t, and this is the time to build a strong finish.

In Oregon, GOTV (Get Out The Vote) doesn’t quite describe vote by mail, but BITB (Bring In Those Ballots) does. Let’s do it.

Detailed agenda:

Flag Salute – 2 minutes

Intro of Elected Reps, Candidates, and Party Leaders – 5 minutes

Welcome and Thank You to New, Returning and Retiring District Leaders and Assistant DLs – 6 minutes

Credentials Report – 2 minutes

Approval of August & September Minutes – 10 minutes

Treasurer’s Report – 5 minutes

The Great Slate Card Drop – 5 minutes

Committee reports –

Campaign – 3 minutes

Celsi/ Holiday raffle – 3 minutes

Platform & Resolutions – 3 minutes

Community Action – 3 minutes

New Office Search – 3 minutes

Old Business – Postponed PCP Appointments (22 + 5) – 44 minutes – See attachment below for more information.

New Business – 2 minutes

PCP Appointments – (12) 24 minutes – See attachment below for more information.

Adjourn: 8:30 PM     120 Minutes 


Information on PCP applicants can be found here