National Day of Action for Abortion Rights May 14

Join Women’s March Foundation, Planned Parenthood, and partners for a national day of action. Planning is underway for the Bans Off Our Bodies Abortion Rally on Saturday, May 14th, from 2pm-5pm Stand up for your rights and support activists and the local, state and national legislators who are fighting for abortion rights.

Save the date for May 14, when Portland will rally with other cities across the country.

Learn more about the BANS OFF OUR BODIES Portland event (and sign up to be alerted with details) by visiting the Portland Bans Off Our Bodies information page.

“We’re very fortunate in Oregon, but if Roe is overturned as anticipated this June, half of American women with be without access to safe abortion including our neighbors in Idaho.

We need to resist, to rally. And to VOTE,” said Multnomah Democrats Vice Chair Marcia Schneider, who refers to the Multnomah County Democrats’ Platform, which states: “We demand legislatures protect Roe v Wade and all legislation that protects and supports a person’s right to make their own reproductive choices.”

“Get your ballot in by May 17 for City Council, County Commission, State House and Governor. Everyone has a role to play in protecting woman’s control over their own bodies. In 2017, Oregon State Legislators voted to ensure abortions are affordable -100% covered. And in the 2022 session they funded $15 million to staff, equip and expand service and to support travel and childcare for women seeking abortions here.”

“In 2021 Portland City Council allocated $200,000 to the Northwest Abortion Access Fund supporting Oregonians and others with practical, financial and emotional barriers to care. This week both our City Council and the entire Multnomah County Commission  re-affirmed their support for the right of every one of us right to make our own health care decisions. Let’s keep sending these strong Democrats to fight for us at every level of government.”

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Note to press: Okay to use quote from Multnomah Democrats Vice Chair Marcia Schneider with attribution. Marcia and other party officers are available for interview. Contact to arrange.