Multnomah Democrats’ Ballot Measure Endorsements for November, 2016

The September 8th Central Committee meeting was largely devoted to understanding, debating and voting on positions to take on ballot measures on the 2016 General Election ballot. 95 Precinct Committee Persons took part. A position taken by the Party, to either support or oppose any measure, required a 2/3 vote for that position. Endorsed positions will appear on our slate cards, to be distributed to voters when ballots are mailed.

The Multnomah County Democratic Party endorses a “Yes” vote on each of these measures:

Statewide Referrals
Measure 94 – Judicial Retirement
Measure 95 – University Investment
Measure 96 – Veterans’ Services

Statewide Initiatives
Measure 97 – Corporate Income Tax
Measure 99 – Outdoor School Fund
Measure 100 – Endangered Species

Measure 26-178 – Metro Levy

City of Portland
Measure 26-179 – Affordable Housing
Measure 26-180 – Marijuana Tax

Multnomah County Charter Review
Measure 26-182 – Midterm Election
Measure 26-183 – Appointed Sheriff
Measure 26-184 – Contribution Limits

Special thanks to the Endorsement Task Force for compiling and presenting information on each measure, and the counting team that stayed up late to get results out promptly.