Midterms: How To Reach Voters in CA, NV and more

The Oregon midterm elections are scary enough, but the fate of democracy is also on the edge in many other states. How can you be a part of the effort to reach Democratic Party-leaning voters to make sure they cast their ballots? Vote Forward letter-writing is one good way. It’s easy, and you can do it from home. But, the Vote Forward big mail-out is this Saturday, Oct. 29. Here’s the call to action from Vote Forward:

Vote Forward

Tens of thousands of volunteers are writing millions of letters to voters this year. That’s tremendous! But there’s still an opportunity to reach many more voters.

If you’re still on the sidelines, maybe you’re feeling a bit less motivated than you were in 2020 because the 45th president—a uniquely malevolent force in our politics—isn’t running this year. But while he may not be on the ballot, many of his handpicked candidates are. His movement is alive and well. So I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what is at stake, and why I think this election is so important.

There are, of course, very real and concrete policy stakes this year. A Republican majority in the House would very likely refuse to raise the debt ceiling, threatening economic catastrophe to secure cuts in Medicare and Social Security.* Republicans in the Senate aim to further erode reproductive rights with a nationwide abortion ban,** and abortion access is further threatened by Republicans in state houses across the country.

And then there is democracy itself. As the January 6 Committee has so vividly demonstrated, the 2020 Capitol insurrection and GOP-backed effort to overturn the free and fair election results were organized, coordinated, and deadly serious. Handing the reins of power to people who have at best minimized and covered for it, and​​ in many cases actively supported it, would be profoundly dangerous. This is the year we elect the members of Congress, governors, attorneys general, secretaries of state, and state legislators who will decide whether to honor the results of the next presidential election.

Is it exhausting that in every election cycle we have to face these existential threats? Absolutely. I wish we still lived in a society where all political actors accepted the fundamental bargain we make as a democracy: that when you lose, you concede peacefully and gracefully. I hope that we can rebuild that world. But we do not live in it right now, and we have to act accordingly.

Here are a few congressional districts to focus on. If you click the link, you’ll get right over to Vote Forward. Sign up and take action now:

All five of these are toss-up races where Democrats are currently being outspent, with polls showing tight races. And as I draft this email, all five of them have many tens of thousands of voters in their Vote Forward campaigns remaining to be adopted. So, act now!