Michael C. Smith – 2017 Candidate for Technology Officer


I have fifteen years of experience in Information Technology and Masters degrees in both Mathematics (Loyola University, Chicago, 1998) and Computer Science (Portland State, 2008). I was born and raised in Chicago by two parents who were both staunch anti-Daley Machine Democrats, and moved to Portland in 1999 to be with close friends. I have been married for ten years to local woodcut artist Liv Rainey-Smith; we are both active in the Lovecraft and Bizarro communities. I consider myself a Howard Dean Democrat.

Political Experience

This is my first time running for an elected office other than PCP. I canvassed for the Howard Dean and John Kerry campaigns in 2004, the Rob Brading campaign in 2006, and the Obama and Jeff Merkley campaigns in 2008.

Vision for the Multnomah County Democratic Party

We have a lot of work to do to clean up our IT systems. If elected I will establish a committee of volunteers to inventory our systems, and to divide and conquer the workload. In particular, we will make our website easier to use and navigate, particularly for mobile device and differently abled users. We will expand the MCD’s presence on social media. We will offer training so officers and LDLs can better use our systems.