In Blue Multnomah County

In Blue Multnomah County,

Democrats have renewed energy and purpose, as they do in dozens of counties across Oregon and the thousands more across the nation. As the state’s largest county-level political organization, the Multnomah County Democrats are stepping up as leaders of the resistance to the attack on our democracy and government by the people.

Dick Celsi Fundraiser and Dinner Keynote Speaker – May 13th, 2017

Former Oregon Congressman Les AuCoin (see below) will be the keynote speaker at the annual Dick Celsi Fundraiser to be held on May 13th at the Eagles Lodge, 7611 N. Exeter in Portland, Oregon. This is our party’s largest fundraiser. We celebrate our amazing volunteers and gather to support the party’s efforts in resisting the attacks from Washington, on our democracy and way of life while working for progressive change here at home.


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County Party Reorganization Efforts

In January, the party elected a new slate of officers. In February, we got to work building our local party focusing on organizing and party-building as the foundational efforts to respond effectively to threatening policies from the administration. These efforts have produced tangible results including the appointment of standing committee chairs, training new district and party leaders and developing the skills of our grassroots members. In essence, at the county level we have transitioned our work from being a codified voice of policy toward organizing and interconnecting the enmity and urgency felt from threats by the new administration in Washington toward a harnessed and unified Party effort to resist these threats to democracy.

Progress in the Aftermath

In March, our members who supported Senator Sanders and our members who supported Secretary Clinton came together to pass several resolutions in support of local and national action to protect; “The Elliott State Forest”, “Immigrant, Refugee and Religious Minority Communities from Discrimination” and “Tax Reforms Uniformly Made Public”.   The challenges we face, locally and nationally, are apparent. We look forward to answering them together.

Democrats, working together to Make People’s Lives Better.

The national party has new leadership. Our focus as Multnomah Democrats is being an effective part of progressive change in our communities. We appreciated what both Chair Tom Perez and Assistant Chair Keith Ellison spoke of regarding the reliance on local organizing, connecting with citizens and adhering to progressive principles. As we wait for those changes to coalesce at the national level, we’ll continue our local efforts throughout the county. With renewed energy in all of the standing committees, a building coalition of volunteers willing to becoming involved and a functioning headquarters to serve as a hub of activity and conduit of energies, there is a lot to be hopeful about with the Multnomah Democrats.

DPO Officer Elections

New officers for the Democratic Party of Oregon will be elected in Salem on March 26th. The State Central Committee (Multnomah County has twenty delegates) will meet at Judson Middle School. All Democrats are welcome, only SCC delegates will vote. More information can be found at

Our own Valdez Bravo, HD 35/38 is running for one of the Vice-chair positions; we wish him well.

Les Aucoin Keynote at Dick Celsi Fundraiser – MAY 13th

We are proud to announce former Congressman Les AuCoin as the keynote speaker at our annual Dick Celsi Fundraiser on May 13th, 2017.  Representative Aucoin, out of public office since the 1990s, was Majority Leader of the Oregon House at age 35. He took a Congressional seat that had been dominated by Republicans and made it into a safe Democrat seat. Few people probably know that Les began in politics working for Gene McCarthy’s insurgent presidential campaign in 1968 – helping win Oregon for McCarthy. If any elder statesman Democrat understands what the new generation of Dems are experiencing, it’s Les. We are excited to welcome him back to Portland for the 2017 annual Dick Celsi Fundraiser.

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Sue Hagmeier

On a final note: In February, our friend and long-time Democrat, Sue Hagmeier, won her long battle to cancer and found peace. She was proud of her work with Outward Bound, past PPS Board member and worked tirelessly for the Multnomah Democrats. A proper remembrance of her contributions would double the size of this letter. We are grateful for her long years of service at the legislature and as our Party Communications Officer.

Working for Progress,

Lurelle Robbins

Chair, Multnomah County Democrats