May 18th Special School Board Elections

Oregon has four regularly scheduled elections a year, with the next one coming up on Tuesday, May 18th. Next month’s MultDems Digest will include an updated guide. Please note: Per our bylaws, no endorsements of any candidates will be made by the Multnomah County Democratic Party. 

  • Important Dates:
  • April 27 – Voter Registration deadline
  • April 28 – Ballots mailed to voters
  • May 11 – Last day for voters to safely return their ballot by mail
  • May 18 – Election Day (ballots due by 8 PM)

Useful Information:

Preview Your ballot

Voters Pamphlet

Map of Portland Public Schools Zones

List of Democrats on the Ballot:

  1. Portland Public Schools
    1. Zone 4 
      1. Herman Greene (Endorsed by Portland Association of Teachers)
      2. Brooklyn Sherman
    2. Zone 5 
      1. Gary Hollands (Endorsed by Portland Association of Teachers)
    3. Zone 6 – Two Democrats are running:  
      1. Matthew (Max) Margolis 
      2. Julia Brim-Edwards (Incumbent)
    4. Note: If you want some great context on the school board elections, watch Shani Harris-Bagwell, political director for Imagine Black (and HD42 precinct committee person!), interview Libra Forde and Michelle DePass:
  2. Portland Community College (map of zones)
    1. Zone 4 Jim Harper (Incumbent)
    2. Zone 5 Dan Saltzman (Incumbent)
  3. MESD – Multnomah Education Service District
    1. Position 1, Zone 5 
      1. Susie Jones (Incumbent)
      2. Amanda Squiemphen-Yazzie
    2. Position 2, At-Large – Helen Ying (Incumbent)
    3. Position 3, Zone 2 – Mary Botkin (Incumbent)
    4. Position 4, Zone 4 – Jessica Arzate (Incumbent)

Measures on the Ballot:

  1. Measure No. 26-221: Five year levy: Oregon Historical Society Library, Museum, educational programs (Click Link for Full Explanation)
    1. Short Summary: Renewal of this levy will continue to support the OHS’s museum, library, educational programs without increasing taxes.
  2. Measure No. 5-285: Replacement five-year local option levy for emergency service operations (Click Link for Full Explanation)
    1. Short Summary: Scappoose Rural Fire Protection District provides fire, rescue, and emergency medical services. Measure is asking to increase the existing levy by $0.75 (for a total of $1.24 per $1,000 of assessed value for five years beginning 2021-2022), which will retain all current emergency response staff and add three additional 24-hour positions and improve response times.