Lurelle Robbins – 2017 Candidate for Chair


* I was Born and raised in conservative Malheur County–a farm boy – milking cows and driving tractor. * I have been a democrat in philosophy ever since I first voted for John Kennedy as a first grader. * I learned Parliamentary Procedure in the FFA along with many other skills. * I derive my empathy and value of fair treatment from reflection on the discrimination I observed toward the Japanese, the migrant workers and anybody politically liberal in my school and community. * I gained understanding from my own work place discrimination experiences as a member of the LGBTQ community. * I am a graduate of Oregon State University, BS in Agricultural Economics. * I was a 4 year member of the famed OSU Marching Band – attention to detail mattered. * I learned to maintain a calm presence under pressure and in the face of angry tax payers as Real Estate Appraiser and Data Analyst with the Malheur and Linn County Assessor. * As a Paramedic of 22 years: I have delivered babies, comforted families in the aftermath of the loss and cared for heroin overdose victims, gunshot and stabbing victims and those living in downtown hotels and on the streets. * I stood on steps of the Supreme Court serving as Safety Monitor during the “Act of Civil Disobedience” at the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. * In the absence of a union, I organized for wages and working conditions for employees at Malheur County and later for Paramedics of MSI in Albany. * As spokesperson for the Paramedics in Albany, I interacted with City Council members and the Media. * I have been unfairly terminated and challenged civil service procedures of the Albany Fire Department. * I gained meeting leadership experience as Chair of Oregon State Paramedic Association. I coordinated 2 employee/employer contract negotiations. * I am a PCP, House District Leader, State Central Committee Delegate, Past Co-chair of Community Action and have served as 1st Congressional District Secretary and Treasurer. * As a leader I work behind the scenes to allow others to achieve their goals. I am calm and dedicated to making peoples lives better.

Political Experience

I have been active in the Multnomah Democratic Party since 2004. I have served as a PCP, HD Leader, and Secretary and Treasurer of the 1st Congressional District. I was a member of the 1st CD involved in the appointment of Suzanne Bonamici to replace David Woo. I have been a member of City Club and serve on the Health and Public Safety Issues Forum as co-chair. We have hosted former Governor Kitzhaber and Don Berwick in a discussion of or Health Care System. We host ongoing discussions on human trafficking. I served on the Task Force on Children,s Dental Health. I attended meetings of the Uptown Democratic Club and the San Diego Democratic Caucus. I was involved in the initial launch party and successful campaign of Christine Kehoe for City Council, 1993. She became the first openly gay city official. I hosted a fundraiser for Diane Feinstein. More in the bio.

Vision for the Multnomah County Democratic Party

I envision of party of activist democrats with many passions working toward the goals, mission and Platform of Mulnomah County Democrats. We are at the precipice of a new era requiring diligence as we learn to trust one another while working to bring our many disparate ideas and personalities to a growing, active, and vibrant party. We will become a model of liberal, progressive, passionate people standing up to the challenges of a Trump presidency. We will be ready, we must be ready to take back the senate and congress in 2018. Yet, as Multnomah Democrats we must stay focused here at home on issues of opportunity and living wages, homelessness and mental health care, the environment and all social issues that appear to be under attack. We can and I will facilitate the advancement of the five purposes of the Multnomah County Democrats: 1.Organize Democrats within Multnomah County; 2. Develop, adopt and support a party platform; 3. Elect Democratic candidates; 4. Represent Democrats at the Congressional District and State Central Committees; 5. Promote the positive exchange of ideas through education and debate.

About Multco Dems

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