June Digest

June Digest

Hello fellow Democrats,

June is time to remember our hard-fought rights, from emancipation from slavery in June, 1865, the expansion of voting rights to women across the US in June, 1920, to the Stonewall riots in June, 1969, and the fight for rights for queer people everywhere..

Today, we celebrate Pride each June, and Juneteenth was just made a state holiday. Of course, we still have to stand up for our rights and freedoms, and remember that we are not free until all people are free… We still take a stand for what matters, as we did this past year, because Black Lives Matter, and queer lives matter, and believing women matters. 

The effort to secure democracy is also a continuing battle. As Republicans double-down on their Big Lie to justify suppressing voting rights across the country, here in Oregon Democrats are fighting to strengthen democracy. If you haven’t already, go to this FastAction page to send a letter in support of Campaign Finance Reform! The Pandemic has taught us that no one’s health is secure until all of our health care needs are met. Democrats worked hard to refer an amendment to voters in 2022 guaranteeing this right for all of us.  If you haven’t joined our Action Alert Network yet, I invite you to do so today

We’ll touch on this and more in this issue, and spotlight change-makers who have helped take the lead on so many issues.

Speaking of local Democratic leaders, here’s a special call-out to one of our own party leaders serving at the state and national level, Travis Nelson!, who was recently named a Queer Hero for 2021 by the Gay and Lesbian Archive of the Pacific Northwest! Thanks for your leadership, Travis!

Jas in nature
James Davis, MultDems Communications