Endorsement Decisions at September 8th Meeting-New Location

Due to increased interest in Central Committee meetings, we have reserved a larger venue for the rest of 2016 and early 2017: Taborspace, 5441 SE Belmont St. Due to venue requirements, we are moving the meeting earlier. Check-in can begin at 6:15 and the meeting will begin at 6:30; we have to have the room cleaned up and be out by 9:00.

Our September 8th Central Committee Meeting will be focused on making decisions on endorsements of ballot measures. Positions taken in support or opposition will appear on the reverse side of our slate cards in October. If neither support nor oppose position gets 2/3 of the vote, the Party will take no position on that measure. Spokespersons have been invited from the campaigns, and we will reserve time for debate by members on each measure. The Endorsement Task Force’s report is attached for download.

Draft Agenda

Flag Salute – 2 min

Intro of Elected Reps, Candidates, and New Guests – 3min

Welcome and Thank You to New, Returning, and Retiring District Leaders and Assistant District Leaders – 2 min

Credentials Report – 1 min

Approval of Minutes – 2 min

2nd Vice Chair Vacancy – 2 min

Treasurer’s Report – Written

Budget and Finance Report – 5 min

Community Action Committee – 2 min

Welcome to our New Celsi Committee Chair – 2 min

Endorsement Task Force – 84 min

New Business – 5 min

PCP Appointments – 10 min

120 min              Adjourn: 8:30 PM 

PCP Applicant- Carried over from August Precinct                
Allan VanVliet 3610
Joe Esmonde 3803
Danilo Alfaro 4210
Guthrie Taylor 4210
Jessica Bentley 4301
Jason Allen 4302
Leah Gibbs 4305
Scott Sexton 4310
John Knight 4403
Natalie Bloodgood 4606
Lisa Paolo 4608
Paul Carpenter 4705
Jalene Wegner-Curr 5202 or 5203
PCP Applicant – New Precinct
Peter Lee 3607
Diane Guta 4101
Verna Wells 4204
Everice Moro 4205
Wesley Burden 4207
Emerald Goldman 4208
Abigail Collins 4210
Daniel Flynn 4302
Hank Peterson 4302
Kelli Sue Klein 4304
Hanna Jordan 4403
Elizabeth Deitchman 4404
Natalie Staggs 4409
Seven Stevens 4409
Laura McKeand 4501
Sara Hope Smith 4503
Emily Doumerc 4510
Alyson Parra 4606
Diana Davis 4806
Pascal DeLaquill 5004
David DeFauw 5202


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