Committee Spotlight: Climate Action Team

Sooner or later, Oregon taxpayers will want to know how Oregon revenue is expended to protect natural resources, in the same way public health has been defended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Democrats should be worrying about climate solutions and policies that do not and cannot deal with effectively saving the environment from climate damage. When false solutions fail, environmental justice and equity reforms also fail. 

The MultDems Climate Action Team (CAT) has discerned some key questions for our county and our state:

What bills constitute scientifically sound solutions for decarbonization?  

We are fully engaged in supporting HB 2021-23, 100% Clean Energy for Oregon. This bill excludes any utility energy fuel that emits carbon by 2040, by statutory definition of “non emitting” fuel.

What existing policies are not measuring up to the now-increasing need for effective action?  

Emission cuts accomplished in California from relying on Renewable Portfolio Standards, Low Carbon Fuel Standards, Cap and Trade offsets and other bills and policies summed together have reduced state emissions by only 0.5% per year.  The effectiveness of Oregon’s versions of these measures has not been reported, and it is unlikely that ours will be more effective at a smaller scale. Under consideration with the CAT is a rule to rate every bill with metrics that measure its effectiveness in reducing annual carbon emissions.

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