Central Committee Meeting – Thursday, March 9th, 2017 6:30PM

Central Committee Meeting of the Multnomah County Democrats Thursday evening, March 9th 2017.

On the Passing of Sue Hagmeier
As many of you are aware, Sue Hagmeier passed away last month. She was a long time friend of the Multnomah County Democratic Party and served as our Communications Officer for many years. Sue’s family states that she requested donations to NW Outward Bound in lieu of flowers. A memorial service will be planned for the summer.

Reorganization results
On January 28th, 2017, we held a reorganization meeting to elect new officers and delegates. The results of that election may be found here.

Our next meeting will be held at:

5441 SE Belmont Street   (enter by the door facing 54th Street)
(Google Maps)

6:00 PM Doors and credentialing. Credentialing ends at 7:35 PM
Agenda will be available at the door.

6:30 PM A Social Program
With a focus on Activism and Organizing in our communities as Democrats.

Planning is still underway for an interesting discussion on a relevant topic. Possible topics include a discussion on homelessness and how Wapato may be one solution.  A discussion on how education is funded and how we could improve our schools.  Others are also being considered.

We have invited representatives from community groups to join us and be available to talk about how you, as a Democrat, can ally with them.

Learn about recent resolutions that have been proposed for adoption on Mar. 9 th, 2017 by the Multnomah Democratic Party.  These are:


7:30 PM Business Meeting to conduct the activities, affairs and administration of our county party.  
Reports by select Standing Committee Chairs.
Agenda at the door.

This hour will conclude with a vote to appoint a new batch of Precinct Committee People.

If you’re interested in becoming a PCP,  as well, find out more at:

About Multco Dems

The Multco Dems comms and web team is made up of volunteers who work to make our message heard online. We welcome you to join us! Sign up through our volunteer link.