CD/SCC Candidate Form

At the ReOrganizational meeting, delegations for Multnomah’s reps to these Committees will be elected:


State Central Committee (SCC)  (20 delegates + 20 alternates)

3rd Congressional District  (CD) delegation  (18 delegates + 18 alternates)

1st  CD delegation  (3 delegates + 3 alternates)                     

5th  CD delegation  (2 delegates + 2 alternates)         


Eligibility to run:  Democratic registration status; residency in  Multnomah County, and for CDs, residency in the respective CD.


Eligibility to vote:  All of the above plus status as an elected or appointed PCP.


All Committee positions are gender balanced, i.e. equal #s of female and male slots are designated for each Committee.


TO FILE, click here:  CD/SCC Candidate Form


SCC Description:

As an SCC delegate, you will be part of the “legislating body” for the Democratic Party of Oregon for the 2017-2018 term.    As one longtime activist said, the SCC is the heartbeat of the DPO.   SCC Meetings are held quarterly and scheduled on weekends.  While delegates are only required to attend the Sunday  SCC meeting itself, an SCC weekend  generally includes a full weekend of trainings,  a social event on Saturday night, and Caucus and Committee meetings.   

The 20 alternates elected are expected to attend SCC meetings as well, since they are often called upon to serve and vote in an absent delegate’s place.  Other than voting, alternates not “subbing”  for delegates may fully participate in  SCC meetings. The SCC meetings are held in various parts of the state, and delegation members must coordinate their own housing and transportation.

SCC delegation members elected for the 2017-2018 term will convene within 2 weeks after the ReOrg. to elect a Delegation Chair and to get a short orientation. (meeting TBD)

SCC delegates will also be asked to attend the February CD meeting of their respective CD in order to join with their CD delegation in selecting DPO Standing Committee members.  (CD meetings TBD)

For further info on being an SCC delegation member, contact current  Delegation Chair KC Hanson at


CD Committees Description:

Oregon Congressional District Committees serve as a forum where delegates selected from multiple counties (by their central committees) can share ideas and take, and communicate, stands on the political issues of the day.  In those districts where the Member of Congress is a Democrat, they also meet with their Member of Congress, or a representative of their office, to discuss those issues and to learn about activities involving that member.  Most committees meet quarterly.   

TO FILE, click here: CD/SCC Candidate Form

DEADLINE:   Your must submit your nomination form no later than 11:59 PM, Saturday, January 21 in order for your name to appear on the ballot.    The lists of nominees will be posted on this website after the filing deadline.  Candidates for SCC  and CD Committees may be nominated from the floor at ReOrg, however, it is strongly recommended that candidates file.