Candidates Sought for Comms Officer

MultDems is looking for a new Comms Officer starting in February. If interested, please email I announced recently that I would be stepping down as Comms Officer at the end of January. Even as I write this, I am preparing to bring my mom home from the hospital tomorrow. With my family struggling with multiple health issues for the foreseeable future, I know that for much of the coming year I will not be able to give this work the kind of sustained focus that it and the party deserves. This is a decision I have wrestled with for many months as my family has wrestled with several increasingly difficult matters, including a serious cancer diagnosis. I’ve been working to do this job well while also tending to my businesses and caring for my family, but the time has come to turn my full attention to the needs of my family. I do not make this decision lightly! I’ve been an activist and organizer for over 35 years; I believe in our work and I take my commitments seriously, so I have been doing my best to do this work until a new Treasurer is found and the platform convention is behind us. I cannot forestall this decision any longer. 

It has been a great honor to serve as your Communications Officer this past year. I’ve felt blessed to work with an impressive group of admins and executive committee members.  I am also grateful to have had the pleasure and honor of working with a very competent Comms team! Comms is well-organized with capable semi-autonomous teams all doing a great job, and together we have accomplished a lot to put Comms and our party on solid footing going into 2022. In particular, the Comms Team has transitioned the party to our own Google drive, upgraded the file-sharing mechanism, established a new Action Alert program, and is on target to launch a new website by January. We’ve done all this while also attending to the regular ongoing tasks of promoting party activities and events, such as Celsi and the platform process, and maintaining our monthly Digest, social presence, and more in-depth issue-focused articles on the County Democrat Reader. In particular, I am proud of our monthly focus on the hard-working volunteers of our party in our Membership Spotlight interviews. All of this would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of many people, including Kavan Bahrami, Beth Blenz-Clucas, Deanna Cintas, Britton Taylor, Robin Stevens, Margaret Foley, Leslie Mason, Gary Leitke, Demetrios Deligiorgis, Gloria Geiser, Pau Choi, Lucas Pelton, and others. I am incredibly proud of our team! 

I plan to continue being involved with Comms however I can, however I will not be the one holding all the threads. I am excited by potential plans we’ve discussed to take our work to the next level in the coming year, including a beefed-up member education program with regular articles from our issue workgroups, and a new web-based bill tracking and member lobbying platform. I hope to lend what assistance I can to these efforts. 

Thank you all for your support this past year. I know there are very capable people who can step into the Comms Officer role of empowering our many Comms teams for the coming year, and I ask your help in identifying and nominating good candidates to take on the Comms job for the year ahead. 

I appreciate your support and activism. Thanks to all of you, our party is in good hands!