Candidate Statement: Ami Fox for Communications Officer

Below is the biography and candidate statement of Ami Fox, who is running for the position of Communications Officer.


Candidate Statement

I am excited to work closely with all of the dedicated volunteers at Mult. County Democrats and help take our communications to the next level. I plan on overseeing a monthly newsletter, as well ironing out kinks in our instant communications (texting, Facebook and twitter). I am excited to work with the NLP program that will bring our communications to the next level (real human face to face interaction with our neighbors building community might seem old fashioned but is the most important work we can do). I am excited about launching a greeter program that takes each new body as it comes in the door and pairs them with someone who will follow up with them and keep them engaged with the party. I am excited about our partnerships with organizations that share our common goals as democrats (unions, environmentalists, racial justice advocates, immigrant, gay, women’s rights groups, campaign finance reform, tenant rights, the fight for $15, universal health care) so that our coalition can bring everyone together to stand as one rather than fractured. If we stand together, with one voice then truly anything is possible.



I am a NLP for district 42 and am the Ami of Ami’s Actions text messaging, a way to communicate to our group to quickly mobilize in our community in meaningful ways. I see opportunities to communicate more effectively with our group and am eager to implement them.

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