Campaign and Candidate Liaison Chair Opening

We are looking for a new Campaign Committee Chair.

The Executive Committee is accepting applications for the position of Campaign and Candidate Liaison Committee Chair. You may find the application here. Applications are due Saturday, October 28th by 6PM.

Our former Campaign and Candidate Liaison Chair, Tracee Larson, has resigned in order to focus on her new job duties. We thank her for her service and wish her the best of luck. The Executive Committee is responsible for finding a new Campaign Chair. In order to find the best possible Chair, we have decided to open the selection process.

As Chair of the Campaign Committee, you will activate and coordinate an effective team to accomplish the goals and functions of the Committee. The job, according to the bylaws, is to:

  1. Recruit candidates for all elective and appointive offices affecting this County and its citizens, including non-partisan offices;
  2. In consultation with members of the Democratic Party holding office or nominated for partisan elective office, submit proposals and plans for campaign strategies, to include recommendations for allocating campaign resources;
  3. Provide campaign services and aid to Democratic candidates nominated or endorsed by the MCDCC, and to the sponsors of ballot measures endorsed by the MCDCC;
  4. Maintain communication with elected Democrats representing Multnomah County voters at all levels of government to help coordinate and encourage public support for the passage of laws, and the implementation of policies, which are supported by the MCDCC;
  5. Upon the request of the Endorsement Task Force submit a report upon the performance of any office holder seeking the endorsement of the Party (see Article X, Section 4); and,
  6. Perform such other functions as may be requested by the Central Committee.


The Committee Chair is a member of the Executive Committee, and expected to attend Executive Committee meetings (held on the first Thursday of each month.)

Please fill out this form to apply.

In addition, if you are interested in being a member of the Campaign Committee, but not necessarily the Chair, please contact us at