Bill Bradley – 2017 Candidate for Communications Officer


I founded Alive MMA, Brazilian Top Team Jiu Jitsu, Crossfit Woodstock, and Good Garbage Junk Removal, Hauling, and Recycling. Besides succeeding on a bottom line level, I am proud to say these are union represented, do-gooder enterprises consistent with my record of venture socialism. I have taught many hundreds of people least force necessary self defense. I served for many years as a member/owner of Laughing Horse Books. I founded the Red and Black Cafe, the Back to Back Cafe, and Portland Collective Housing. I have organized unions, lead bargaining teams, and helped win significant workplace improvements. I have organized and participated in direct action campaigns. I have also worked as a stand up comic and toured the country with a critically acclaimed one man play. I have raised a step daughter and a foster daughter. I am currently the guardian of a 15 year old gentleman.

Political Experience

I have been a field organizer and a campaign director for door to door political organizing. I have managed a campaign for County Commission. I have served as Vice President of two Neighborhood Associations and one Business Association. I have been very active as an organizer and activist for ecological wisdom, social justice, and economic democracy. I have taught, trained, and mentored organizers and presenters.

Vision for the Multnomah County Democratic Party

I believe democracy is power and that best way to strengthen our cause is to act with integrity. I want to rebuild and realign the party to the project of helping people win concrete improvements in our everyday lives, gaining a sense of our own power, and changing the relations of power with stronger, through face to face organizing. The communications strategy I will further is one of unhurried conversations to organize our Precincts, block by block. Our web, email, phone, and social media strategies should all support this practice. I want our party to become a powerful vehicle for people to look out for each other and make things better. I want us to be the party through which people help each other through organized mutual aid. I want us to develop leaders with a track record of accountability and service. I want us to get good at this so that we prove ourselves trustworthy. I am asking for your help and support.