August Digest: Our Big Tent

August Digest: Our Big Tent

Hello Fellow Democrats,

A remarkable thing about the Democratic Party, both at the national level and here in Multnomah County, is how welcoming it is. Like this year’s Celsi Celebration, everyone is welcome under the Big Tent.

Our politics is inclusive too, from our platform on issues that represent an interest in the well-being of all people to our work on election reforms that seek to include all citizens in the process of electing representatives. In the face of an opposition that seeks to keep many citizens from voting and pass laws that primarily benefit the rich, our work this year is more important than ever as our state and country head into redistricting and Multnomah Democrats work to update and improve our platform. Read on for links to articles on many of these topics. 

Let’s keep doing our best to serve all the people in our Big Tent!

Jas in nature
James Davis, MultDems Communications