Announcing Re-Org 2021: Election of your Democratic Party representation


PCPs: You will get a snail mail USPS letter soon to confirm your email address so that you can be credentialed for the very important reorganization election January 23rd, held via Zoom. We must have a correct email for you by January 12th for you to participate.

All Multnomah Democrats: Elections on January 23rd will decide your leadership and representation in the county and state parties. 

Declarations are due JANUARY 9 at 8:00 PM. For information on the duties of Officers, SCC Delegates, and CD Delegates, please consult the Party Bylaws at

Be excited!

The Multnomah County Democrats 2021 Reorganization Meeting is coming up on January 23rd. 

Why should I be excited? What does this have to do with me?

Every two years the Democrats of Multnomah County, represented by precinct committee persons (PCPs), vote on who holds important roles in the organization. These people represent you and serve the party at the local and state level. These jobs have a huge impact on our issues, our candidates, and our success as a party.

What happens at this meeting?

This year, it is via Zoom. If you are a PCP, you get credentialed and join the meeting. More details will be mailed to you. We have two series of votes:

We vote for the Democratic Party of Multnomah County Administration Officers

These are the people who operate your all-volunteer, grassroots party. As per the bylaws, the roles are

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair 1 (PCP Training)
  • Vice Chair 2 (Credentialing)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Communications Officer
  • Technology Officer

Those eligible to vote are elected PCPs (not those appointed by the Central Committee).

Who can run and be elected to these positions?

Not just PCPs are eligible: Any Democrat who has been registered for 180 days in Multnomah County can run and serve.

What do I have to do to run?

Soon, an online and printed form will be available. As soon as you fill that out, the Re-org team will put your candidacy up on the MultDems website. At the reorg meeting, you can speak or present a short video. Then, PCPs will vote.

What about the State Central Committee?

Then, we vote for State Central Committee and Congressional District Delegates

MultDems also send representatives to the State Central Committee (SCC) of the DPO. These representatives manage organization and policy initiatives for the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO).

Oooh. That sounds cool. How do we elect those people?

The SCC members are elected by PCPs both elected and appointed, so some who could not vote in the County Admin vote can vote for SCC.

In addition, we will elect Congressional District Delegates. Our Congressional Districts (Such as CD 3, represented by Earl Blumenauer or CD 1, represented by Susan Bonamici) are our conduit for these representatives and for their constituents. The voters for these roles are a subset of the total county, so the elections will be held in break out rooms or similar.

What is the next step?

If you are running, start campaigning! If you are a PCP eligible to vote, put January 23rd on your calendar. You have important work to do!

Thanks and stay tuned!

Important dates to know

  • December 26:
    • Web and Paper forms made available for Officer Candidate Declarations
    • Web form made available for Delegate Candidate Declarations
    • First notice of meeting snail-mailed to PCPs
  • January 2: First notice of meeting emailed out to PCPs
  • January 9, 8pm: Officer and Delegate Candidate Declarations due
  • January 9, midnight: Officer Candidate Information emailed out to elected PCPs
  • January 12, midnight: PCP Email Address Corrections Due
  • January 13: Second Notice emailed to PCPs
  • Saturday January 16: Zoom Training Session 1
  • Saturday January 17: Zoom Training Session 2
  • 23rd January, noon: Reorganization Meeting for Multnomah Democrats 2021
  • January 25, before noon: New MultDems Officers inform DPO and County Elections Office of election results

About Multco Dems

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