Ally Spotlight: 350 PDX

By Jenifer Schramm

Jenifer Schramm helps lead the 350 PDX Defund/Divest campaign to get institutions to stop funding companies that contribute to climate change. Find out more at

Organization: 350PDX

Our mission is to build a diverse grassroots movement to address the causes of climate disruption through justice-based solutions by inspiring, training and mobilizing people to act.

350PDX exists to address capitalist and political systems where profits trump people, false climate solutions are written by those protected from climate chaos, and the climate movement is steeped in white supremacy culture. We solve these problems by centering the needs of frontline communities in our campaigns and programs, while being co-conspirators in the fight for social and racial justice. Read more at

While we understand your organization may be non-partisan, in what ways does your work align with our Democratic values and platform?

There is considerable alignment; see — notably the Natural Resources Protection, Equity, Justice, and Infrastructure pieces of your platform

What is a recent/past campaign you worked on in Multnomah and/or Oregon?

350PDX has been involved in dozens of campaigns locally, statewide, and regionally since we formed in 2013. Most recently, 350PDX was a key member of the Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity campaign, a frontline-community-led statewide legislative campaign that won three major bills this session: the Healthy Homes Act, the Energy Affordability Act, and the 100% Clean Energy for All Act. Also, in April, we helped bring about a major victory at Multnomah County on a new 100% Renewable Buildings resolution, which now requires all new County-owned buildings to be fully electric and built without fossil fuels. 

What is your current focus/campaign?

The Defund/Divest Team of 350PDX has just initiated a statewide coalition campaign to end new investments in fossil fuels by the Oregon State Treasury since they pose a financial and climate risk to Oregonians. While the campaign is still being shaped by the coalition which supports it, it is encouraging the Oregon Investment Council to end all fossil fuel investments and move to sustainable energy investments, using a social justice framework. See the Informational Package We work in collaboration with the Climate Safe Pensions Network 

How can our members get involved in your important work?

350PDX and the coalition working to end fossil fuel investment by the State are both open membership organizations with a volunteer base. Anyone who wants to join 350PDX can get on the mailing list and learn about teams/campaigns on the website: If interested in the Defund/Divest Team, sign up at: If you are interested specifically in the Oregon divestment campaign, you can indicate that on the 350 website or contact

How can we (or you) let your members know about our important work and how they can get involved?

We can let our members know about your article featuring 350PDX and use that to communicate about your organization. What do you want us to say?

Editor’s response: In your note to members, let them know that Multnomah County Democrats care deeply about the unfolding climate change crisis and are working tirelessly to elect climate champions and pass bills that address the causes and impacts of climate change. For a look at some of the bills Democrats passed this session, read more here.  We invite you to get involved in helping shape our platform and work for climate policies in the political realm. Our next platform convention is this Fall! 

How diverse is your membership? Are you making efforts to increase diversity?

350PDX was founded in 2013 as a majority white environmental organization that has now shifted to focus our work on climate justice and centering the leadership of frontline communities in our base and who we partner with. 350PDX is committed to the crucial work of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI), and is putting organizational resources including money, staff time behind it through the implementation of a 3 year JEDI Plan, which includes organizing a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Caucus within our base, a Solidarity Team to more adequately show up in genuine partnership and coalition building with our frontline partners, and a track record of fully showing up as an ally to frontline-led initiatives like the Portland Clean Energy Fund and the Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity Campaign

What is making you hopeful right now?

350PDX and our team are working in collaboration with a broad section of the activist community and the success that generates makes me hopeful. The Defund/Divest Team is part of a 150-organization national coalition Stop the Money Pipeline and it is enormously energizing to work in campaigns with that collective power and support.

What advice or encouragement can you provide to our members in Multnomah County when it comes to working on the issues you care about?

This is a pivotal moment in which the fossil fuel sector is in decline and we have a chance to shape what replaces its influence in our government and our culture. With the backing of coordinated national campaigns and independent local action in concert with those campaigns, we can see how we are shifting the narrative and the funding.