Action Alerts! Hot Bills and What You Can Do

At the heart of MultDems is the push for progress related to our Platform. To make it easier for PCP’s to actively participate in this push, the Comms Team, along with Bobbi Yambasu’s help, has started to put together Legislative Action Alerts, a weekly email newsletter highlighting measures that need assistance from our membership. These will be simple actions that you can take, from emailing or phoning a legislator to providing testimony at the local or state level. Our goal is to send these alerts on weekends, when you have a little extra time to pitch in. We sincerely hope that you will participate in these efforts, and if you have any legislation that you or your study group are passionate about. please send an email to or In the near future, we also hope to open up these alerts beyond our membership to include anyone in the community who is looking to help us push our agenda forward.