2nd Call for Comms Officer Candidates

And a call-out of appreciation to our incredible Comms Team!

It has been an honor serving as MultDem’s Communications Officer this past year. With my son in his last year at home and my mom fighting cancer, I am stepping away to tend to my family. As this is my final week in this role, I wanted to give a shout out to our extraordinary Communications Team for all the amazing work they did this past year, and to also put the call out again for candidates to step forward to serve out the remainder of this year as our party Communications Officer. 

First, our Comms Team accomplished a lot in the past 12 months, and they deserve to be recognized!


  • Reorganized Comms into semi-autonomous teams
  • Kept social media posts in the queue all year
  • Modernized our newsletter and produced monthly Digests
  • Transitioned our party to new drive folders
  • Revamped our file access protocols
  • Added improvements, member spotlights, and a Digest page to our website
  • Improved communications around meetings
  • Created simple URLs, like MultDems.org/Alerts, /Digest, /Agenda
  • Created several always-on zoom meeting rooms
  • Created a new Celsi site
  • Handled communications for Celsi, Platform, and other party initiatives
  • Created a new regular Action Alerts to engage Dems in lobbying efforts
  • Created a new website for the county party
  • Produced in-depth articles and grew CDR readership
  • Identified a web-based app to empower members to influence legislation

The people who helped make all this happen include Beth Blenz-Clucas, Britton Taylor, David Burnell, Cory Huff, Deanna Cintas, Demetrios Deligiorgis, Gary Lietke, Gloria Geiser, Jesse Milan, Kavan Bahrami, Leslie Mason, Lisa Dorn, Lucas Pelton, Lydia Fahs, Maragaret Foley, Paul Choi, Robin Stevens, and of course our Technology Officer who was of vital assistance on several project, Aaron Levine.

A lot of the work we did in 2021 were one-time initiatives that won’t be needed again in 2022. As Comms Officer, I primarily focused on holding a vision for what we wanted to accomplish, engaged our teams in accomplishing that vision, and then stepped back to let team members take the lead, trusting they could and would do good work. I was never disappointed. 

Thank you, team! You are amazing! It has been a pleasure to serve with all of you. 

With gratitude for all that you do!

James Davis, Communications Officer 


Our county party is currently seeking candidates to run for Communications Officer. To help you decide if this position might be a good fit for you, here are some expectations of the role, and the kind of support you would get from the Comms Team.

Our Bylaws say the Communications Officer will:

  1. Coordinate internal and external Party communications;
  2. Develop and manage the communication plan, strategies, and content;
  3. Work with the Technology Officer in disseminating information.

Three simple lines that mean so much!  Logistically, you would also serve on the Admin team, so expect to attend an Admin meeting on 3rd Thursdays at 7pm and expect to give a brief report at the Exec and CC meetings.  There is also a 6:30pm Comms meeting on the 1st Monday of each month.  

You’ll route projects and provide support for about a dozen active volunteers working on various teams handling all elements of our communications. Most Comms members serve on one or two teams, and these teams are more or less active over time. For example, the website team has been very active the past 4 months creating a new website in between campaign seasons, but it is now winding down as the new site is being launched. Current Comms teams are: 

  • News (our newsletter Digest, Action Alerts & County Democrat Reader)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube — TikTok is reserved but not yet used).
  • Websites: MultDems.org, Celsi and Voter HUB
  • VAN (who has what level of access to party files)
  • Graphics (supporting social and web teams)
  • Print 
  • Press 

If you run and are elected to be our next Comms Officer, you will inherit tremendous support from an amazingly competent and caring team of people. 

Please email admin@multdems.org if you have any questions or are interested in running for the position, or in joining one of our teams.