Robin Stevens


Robin Stevens

Candidate for:

SCC Delegate

Why I'm running.

I am standing as an SCC delegate to support our county party platform at a state level, and to work towards a state party that is even more effective, inclusive and election winning than it is today.

I’m a PCP who lives in the Vernon neighborhood of Northeast Portland, representing precinct 4303. I have served as an SCC alternate delegate for two years. In my 5 years as a PCP, I’ve also served in various volunteer roles on the Comms, Rules and Technology committees.

Because I am a digital experience architect and strategist by trade,  I’m passionate about finding ways to use technology to engage, inspire and mobilize voters and activists.

I am also particularly interested in working to protect civil rights and democracy by:

– Supporting party practices and strategies that incorporate BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and younger voters into positions of power,
– Advocating and organizing for progressive candidates who work to keep people housed, in good health, and treated with respect
– Advocating for people, not for corporations and their money.

Thank you for considering a vote for me for SCC delegate. I welcome the opportunity to work with you for the next two years.