Marcia Schneider


Marcia Schneider

Candidate for:

SCC Delegate

Why I'm running.

I imagine you and I share many goals – democracy, climate action, social justice, healthcare, education, housing, and opportunity for all of us.
And perhaps a question too – Are we, as the Democratic Party, which is our vehicle for change, doing all we can to move these values forward?

I hope you will join me in a conversation where we are willing to set aside what we think we know, ask new questions, build better structures for problem-solving, and continue to open ourselves to creative solutions towards progress. Together.

I think it’s important to appreciate how challenging our times are – here we are in the midst of a pandemic, climate crisis, violent and authoritarian extremism, and precarious economic situations for so many. Who hasn’t struggled with anxiety, anger, sadness, or fear? How can we maintain our sense of urgency and allow for more compassion and grace as we work through these times?

Accountability without paralysis. Even as our Party’s purpose is advancing democracy and freedom, we’re subject to the same human foibles of racism, sexism, tribalism, and dominance within our own organization. What is the balance that supports our “work in progress” individually and as an organization?

Is the most progressive idealistic position always the most successful? Sometimes, we don’t have the votes. Not to sell ourselves short, but are we making the mistake of seeing anything less than 100% alignment as a lack of vision or commitment? How are we meeting all kinds of people where they are? Actively engaging with people who do not already share our views and values, and building relationships and common purpose?

If these ideas are as intriguing to you as they are to me – please do check out Maurice Mitchell’s recent thoughtful analysis

I hope that you will vote to allow me to serve as one of your representatives on the State Central Committee. My recent Multnomah County Dems work includes serving as your Vice Chair1; growing and coordinating our county’s neighborhood Leader program; supporting our Campaign committee efforts; representing Mult Dems in SCC, including on budget and platform committees, Labor, Rural, Election Integrity Caucuses; Mult Dems District Leadership and PCP. Thank you for your 5 Star vote.