Kate Flanagan


Kate Flanagan

Candidate for:

CD3 Delegate

Why I'm running.

I am the current Chair of the CD3 committee. I have served as a Member of CD3 Committee since 2017, including one partial term as vice-chair of the CD3 Committee; and two terms on the DPO Budget Committee, one as parliamentarian of the DPO Budget Committee.

I have attended most State Central Committee Meetings since 2017, and have attended all State Central Committee Meetings since I have had voting privileges as CD3 Chair.

I work as a lawyer representing unions and employees. I am excited to support legislation that benefits workers and consumers in the upcoming legislative session.

I also serve as President of the Board of the Tryon Life Community Farm, a community land-project in Southwest Portland.

My work for the Democratic Party is driven by my life-long commitment to support progressive policies and candidates.

I encourage us all to work to build a party unity that honors our differences — diversity of experience and opinions can make our party stronger.

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