SCC Delegation Rules and Substitution Procedure

Standing Rules, Article VIII – Delegations to the State Central Committee and Congressional District Committees

Section 1 – State Central Committee Delegation

A. The Multnomah County Delegation to the State Central Committee (SCC) will be made up of Delegates and Alternates elected by the Central Committee.
B. The Party Chair and 1st Vice Chair are automatic delegates to the SCC.
C. A full delegation will be elected at the Organization meeting.

Section 2 – Congressional District Committee Delegations

A. The Multnomah County Delegation to each Congressional District (CD) Committee will be made up of Delegates and Alternates elected by a caucus of PCPs who reside in that Congressional District.
B. Full delegations will be elected at the Organization meeting.

Section 3 – Delegation Sizes

The SCC and CD Caucuses will elect the number of Delegates and Alternates prescribed by the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO). The delegations will be apportioned as required by DPO rules for diversity and inclusion.

Section 4 – Election of Delegation Chairs

Each delegation of Delegates and Alternates will meet within 15 days of election
to elect a Delegation Chair. The Delegation Chair whose term is expiring will call
this meeting. If the retiring Delegation Chair fails to call the meeting, the Party
Chair or 1st Vice-Chair will do so.

Section 5 – Duties of Delegation Chair

A. Organize the delegation to ensure sufficient delegates to constitute a full
voting delegation.
B. Keep attendance records.
C. Attend Executive Committee meetings when needed to report on the committee’s activities.

Section 6 – Duties of Delegates

A. Attend meetings of their respective committees;
B. Inform the Delegation Chair whether or not they will attend a committee meeting.

Section 7 – Service by Alternates

A. Alternates will be ranked according to the number of votes they received in their election.
B. At any meeting of the SCC or CD Committee where all Delegates are not present, Alternates in attendance will be seated as Delegates according to their ranking, provided that, if possible, the Alternate filling in will be of the same gender as the absent Delegate.
C. Whenever a Delegate resigns or is removed, the Alternate with the highest ranking will move up to fill the vacancy and will serve for the rest of the term.
D. If an Alternate moves up to fill a vacancy, a new Alternate will be elected to the bottom of the Alternate list. The Central Committee or CD Caucus will vote for new Alternates at the first regular meeting more than 10 days after the vacancy occurs. If there is more than one candidate, voting will be by written ballot. If more than one vacancy is being filled, the vote will determine the rank order of the new Alternates.

Section 8 – Removal of Delegation Members

Delegates will be removed from their position when:

A. Absent for three successive meetings of the Committee;
B. No longer a resident of the Congressional District as the result of redistricting after the decennial Federal Census, on the effective date of the redistricting;
C. Removed by a vote of the body that elected them.

Section 9 – Removal of Delegation Chair

Delegation Chairs may be removed from their Chair position by a vote of their delegation.