Why Run for Portland City Council?

Portland’s New Government: Why and How to Declare Your Candidacy

Portland’s city government will look dramatically different starting in January 2025. The election of 12 new city council members (3 from each of 4 districts around the city), plus a new mayor and city auditor, will happen in November 2024. That’s a long way off! So, why are so many people already declaring their intent to run? And, why should YOU consider running?

Firstly, these folks are simply getting an early start. They want to start fund-raising, to make sure that their campaigns will qualify for the public financing via the Small Donor Election program. 

So, if you are thinking about running for city council next year, NOW might be the time to declare your intent.

Multnomah County Democrats would like to help! Registered Democrats residing in Portland can rely on the MultDems for training and awareness-building among your fellow Dems.

Important links:

For a step by step guide to running under the small donor elections program, visit this page on  Portland.gov.

View the Rose City Reform Candidate tracker page HERE.

View the city elections timeline with key deadlines HERE.

File a Notice of Intent to file by August 20, 2024. Get the form HERE.

Pay the candidate filing fee ($30) HERE.

Sign up for the Candidates Training session, hosted by the Campaign and Candidates Committee of the Multnomah County Democrats. To learn about this informative training session, which will be scheduled in early 2024, email: campaign@multdems.org

Candidates who are registered as Democrats will be invited to Multnomah County Democrats Central Committee meetings next year to share their goals and visions for Portland. You can expect a questionnaire to be sent to you or your campaign manager. Your responses may be published on the Election Hub here at MultDems.org. Also, the  2024 Election Hub will feature profiles of and links to registered Democrats who will be running for office.

Learn about other ways to help elect Democrats in 2024 by visiting the MultDems volunteer page.

And, stay tuned for the upcoming updated MultDems Election Hub in 2024!