Why I Am a Democrat: Robin Denburg

Robin Denburg

A Portlander since the 1990s, Robin was recently elected Assistant District Leader for House District 42 (replacing Spencer Trumm, who moved to a new district). Robin is a Realtor and an avid supporter of green building and sustainability with an Earth Advantage Green Realtor Certification.  He says that he got involved with Multnomah County Democrats to help elect progressive candidates and get progressive policies enacted. We asked him a few other questions:

Why do you think it’s important for Democrats to become involved at the local level?

Local efforts are the building block of a healthy democracy.

Why do you think it’s important for Democrats to become involved at the local level?

My priorities are: climate change, campaign finance limits, strengthening and broadening neighborhood association involvement, and having ranked choice voting.

What is making you hopeful right now?

Despite these  being tough times for many people, there is an opportunity for improvement of our community and change to occur if we organize at the local level.

What advice can you provide to our Democrats in Multnomah County?

Stay active. Stay positive. You CAN make a difference. And also, let’s hold elected officials accountable and don’t just give a Democrat a hall pass if they are being too conservative or passive for their district.

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