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MultDems leaders: What's at stake in November?

Salome Chimuku
Chair Salomé Chimuku
VC-1 Andre Miller
VC-1 Andre Miller

As we approach this critical election, we want to underscore the importance of our collective efforts and the profound impact our participation can have on the future of our nation. Your vote is not just a right; it is a powerful tool for shaping the direction of our country.

Addressing Concerns and Solidarity
We have heard the concerns some have about President Biden. Whether he remains in the race or hands the baton to Kamala Harris remains to be decided. However, now is the time for us to dig in and combat the right-wing push that threatens to subvert our democracy and erase progressive policies. This election is about more than one individual; it is about the future direction of our country.

The Power of the Vote
Every election is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the values we hold dear: justice, equality, and progress. High voter turnout among Democrats is essential to counteract efforts that seek to suppress our voices and diminish the power of the people. We must mobilize our friends, families, and communities to participate actively in this democratic process.

Supreme Court Opportunity
One of the most significant opportunities that may arise from this election is the potential to appoint new Supreme Court Justices. If seats on the Supreme Court become vacant, the elected president will have the power to nominate justices who will influence crucial decisions for generations to come. These decisions will impact civil rights, healthcare, environmental protections, and many other vital issues. By electing leaders who reflect our values, we can ensure that the Supreme Court upholds justice and equality for all.

Focus on Policies
While the personalities in politics often dominate headlines, it is the policies that truly affect our daily lives. This election presents a chance to advance policies that promote economic fairness, healthcare for all, environmental sustainability, and social justice. Our focus must be on electing representatives who are committed to implementing progressive policies that benefit everyone, not just the privileged few.

Addressing Project 2025
Another pressing concern is the right-wing "Project 2025" which aims to roll back progressive gains and implement policies that could drastically alter our social and political landscape. This project underscores the importance of our vigilance and action. We must work together to prevent any efforts that threaten our democratic values and the progress we have fought so hard to achieve.

Call to Action
Your participation is crucial. Here’s how you can make a difference:

Ensure you are registered and make a plan to vote, whether in person or by mail and make sure you vote in local elections too.

Inform your community about the importance of this election and the key issues at stake.

Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to vote. Offer to help them with registration and transportation to polling places if needed.

Get involved with local campaign efforts. Your time and energy can help turn the tide in critical areas.