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Get Involved, Make a Difference, Win in 2020

None of us can do it alone; beat Trump in 2020, and achieve our goals. We need a robust coalition to win

Healthcare • Climate • Immigration • Gun Violence • Housing • Income Inequality • Education •Social Security • Reproductive Freedom • National Security

… It takes all of us. 

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Help register Democrats for an overwhelming majority

In Oregon, hundreds of thousands of voters are not registered as Democrats but vote regularly. That’s because our  Motor Voter Law registers everyone to vote when they get a drivers license but does not ask them to select a party.

Voters have to be registered Democrats to have a say the May Primary for President, Congress, Oregon Secretary of State, State Legislators..  Choosing a party takes 2 minutes, but many Non Affiliated voters don’t know that they won’t have a say.  We’re reaching out to let voters know. Their votes matter!

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We want our friends and neighbors to Be Primary Voters

Multnomah County Democrats have built these easy action kits to help you to reach out to non-affiliated voters with voter lists; scripts, flyers and instructions. You can 

You will need to know how to use our very useful contact tool, MiniVAN. Download our guide here.

Let voters know that they may not be registered as a Democrat and won’t have their voice heard in the May Primary.  Invite them to update to Democrat now!

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Sign up now to volunteer to register voters. We are ready to help you have an impact on this all-important 2020 election. If your community or activist group would like to team up on this effort – let us know. Let’s amaze them with what we can do together.

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