UPDATE: Election Integrity Study Group

By Gary Lietke – 2021 03 11 Central Committee presentation

Article 8 of our MultDems Platform is usually summarized with the label of “Election Integrity”, but it’s so much more. Our study group addresses Governance, Campaign Finance, Elections, Political Party Election Integrity, Representation, Voting Rights & Suppression, and Voting Systems.

We are actively recruiting for more of you to join our study group, as our work load is particularly heavy at this phase of the state legislature and the Portland Charter Commission. Please indicate your interest in the Election Integrity SG Sign up form.

The Oregon House and Senate have initiated a copious number of EI bills that we need to track, critique to determine their strengths and weaknesses and how they represent the MultDems Platform, and intentionally convey our feedback to legislators.

Campaign Finance reform is a very hot corner—trying to set concrete limits as follow-up to the passage of Constitutional Amendment Measure 107 last November. There are at least 4 contending bills. Campaign finance is perhaps the most important reform we need, as without it, almost all other major reform advocated by MultDems Platform is choked.

We are also monitoring election audits and security and redistricting based on the new census.

Hearings have begun for 8 or so bills relating to alternate voting systems, including STAR and RCV.

Governance, especially as it relates to the new City of Portland Charter Commission, is extremely important and a cutting-edge opportunity. One key issue is representation, replacing the current at-large Council districts with geographic districts represented by multiple councilors.

And we need to speak to federal voting rights and suppression issues.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 23, 7 pm. And we regularly meet the 2nd Monday of the month at 7 pm. Stay current by checking the MultDems Calendar.

Thank you for caring!
Gary Lietke