Thank you to Polaris Dance Theatre: 2022 Candidates Forum

The 2022 MultDems forum, featuring candidates for Multnomah County Chair, was moderated by Julio Castilleja among others.

For the first time since the pandemic, Multnomah County Democrats hosted a live forum with candidates for city and county positions on April 28 at Polaris Dance Theatre in NW Portland, We thank Polaris Dance Theatre for donating the space and facilities for our return to live candidates events.

Multnomah County Democrats Chair Julio Castilleja stated, “On behalf of the Multnomah County Democratic Party, I would like to thank Polaris Dance Theater for allowing us the use of their studio space to hold our live candidate forum. This was the first public event in over two years for our party and I’m happy to say the evening was a success. The candidates were amazing, the crowd was great, and the location fantastic. Thank you Robert and Sara for being such great hosts. Polaris Dance Theatre is a 50l(c)3 founded in 2002, by Program Director, Sara Anderson and award-winning Artistic Director, Robert Guitron.  Polaris Dance Theatre crafts innovative, compelling works of contemporary dance and performs at a wide range of venues.  By providing opportunities for performing artists of mixed abilities to participate in Polaris programming, we’re bringing together the community and proving that EVERY BODY can move in a beautiful way. To find out more or to donate please visit

If you missed the real and virtual candidates forums (sponsored by the MultDems Candidates Committee), you may view them by clicking on the MultDems YouTube channel.

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